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DIY Cookie Bath – Bubbly Bath Muffins
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DIY Cookie Bath – Bubbly Bath Muffins

There is nothing more relaxing than warm and aromatic bath after long day of work or tiring travel. Calming moment just for you with fragrance candles and relaxing music in the background. Moisturising and bubbly bath bombs are true must have in every bathroom. Don’t worry you do not have […]

Woman with conditioner in her hair
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Hair mask – how to use it?

Dyeing, stylisation with heat, heavy cosmetics – all of that leads to hair damage and worsening the condition of head’s skin. As a result appears dandruff, sebaceous glands generate excess sebum and hair start to fall out, loose their glow and are dry. Fortunately, there is a way to regenerate […]

Furry nails – This Spring Trend
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Furry nails – This Spring Trend

Manicure can surprise us sometimes and it’s all thanks to the stylists. We had glass nails, stitched nails, duck manicure, bubble nails and many more trends. Some of us follow the fashion, others are rather sceptical. Despite of that, trends change all the time. What will surprise us this spring? […]

Young woman running, Sweden.
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How to look fresh without make-up?

You just got out of the bed and you already look tired with those dark circles around your eyes after the restless night? Don’t worry! Fortunately, there exist great ways to look fresh. And the best part is that you can test all of them at home. Fatigue, dark circles […]