It is not as simple as it may seem. Oily, combination and acne skin are very difficult in maintains: they are oily, subjected to the irritations, and most of its problems is conditioned by the hormones. What is the best way of skin care for those skin types?

Very important part here have cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating cosmetics. The proper choice of them is difficult because they have to meet several different needs of the skin. The best cosmetics remove excess sebum, dissolve make-up, protect natural pH and moisturise. If we really need such care then we have to supply ourselves with pharmaceutical cosmetics. One of the most effective are Cetaphil and Physiogel. Very satisfying effects bring also herbal infusions, but we have to combine them with other skin care cosmetics. For deep face cleanse are very effective sonic brushes, which will remove dead skin cells, blackheads and germs from the surface of the face.

Oily, combination and acne skin very often have to deal with blackheads. If you want to get rid of them once and for all then use fruit acids. Exfoliation treatment should be performed by professional beautician. Usually necessary is to visit beauty parlour few times for full treatment. After finished course skin needs to regenerate. At this point you will need moisturising and soothing cosmetics like fruit face masks or serum with the snail slime.

In the skin care of oily, combination and acne skin necessary is systematic moisturising. You shouldn’t worry that hydration ingredients will worsen oily skin condition. On the contrary, it can regulate work of sebaceous glands and minimise sebum release. Of course, you should be careful with some of the ingredients contained in cosmetics, because they can cause irritations, dryness, clog the pores and create blackheads. You should avoid: oils, parabens, glycerine, alcohol and paraffin wax.

With imperfections you can fight spot by spot. You will need antibacterial concealer or applied on the particular spot face mask. However, the most important is to don’t pop any of the pimples, blackheads and spots. While removing imperfections we can worsen the skin condition, which can lead to creation of inflammation and leave scar. If you necessary want to get rid of blackheads then go to dermatologist. The doctor will subscribe right medicine and skin care preparations. Or go to the beautician who will take care of your face.

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