It is often compared to argan oil yet it’s more lightweight. Marula oil has universal properties: it is used in the care of the body, face and hair. It has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and nourishing effects. What properties does marula oil have and how wide is its use?

Marula INCI oil: Sclerocarya Birrea seed oil

Marula oil: composition and properties

Marula oil consists of omega-9 fatty acids, vitamins C and E and flavonoids. All these ingredients are famous for their cosmetic properties:

  • fatty acids ensure proper skin hydration,
  • vitamin C brightens, soothes inflammation and is a strong antioxidant,
  • vitamin E prevents skin ageing and regenerates it,
  • flavonoids support the action of vitamin E, and additionally have anti-acne properties.

The wealth of ingredients makes marula oil protect the skin against UV radiation, promotes collagen synthesis and accelerates skin regeneration.

Marula oil and its cosmetic properties

Marula oil is suitable for face, body and hair care.

Marula oil for face and body 

Marula oil is suitable for daily facial skin care, even in the delicate eye area, because it has rejuvenating properties. Its additional advantage is the light consistency, which makes the oil very quickly absorbed and does not clog pores. In addition, marula oil evens out skin tone, so it can and should be used by people who struggle with discolouration and inflammation of the skin – this property of marula oil can also be used for body care. When it comes to stretch marks and cellulite – marula oil will also deal with these problems.

Marula oil for hair 

Marula oil used regularly, strengthens the hair, moisturises and smooths it out. It can be applied to the scalp as well as the entire length of hair and especially the ends. Marula oil is suitable for thick and thin hair because it will not weight it down.

How to apply marula oil to hair?

You can apply the oil to your hair before washing it; to do this, run marula oil through all your hair and wait about an hour before you wash it out. Marula oil can also be applied overnight; after this treatment, it is recommended to wash your hair in the morning. If you have a problem with dry tips, put a few drops of marula oil on them, and if your scalp is dry, rub a few drops of oil into the hair every day.
Marula oil can be applied directly to hair or you can use cosmetics based on it, for example, shampoos, rinses or masks.

What hair type will benefit from marula oil the most?

Marula oil will take care of high porosity hair – damaged, weakened, brittle and thin. Marula oil will regenerate and strengthen it thoroughly.

Marula oil – price 

It’s not easy to purchase marula oil which is why you must bear in mind that the price will be rather high. Luckily, marula oil is efficient which means that the high price will be a problem only once in a while.

Marula oil – reviews

Marula oil is not as popular as argan oil or coconut oil but it catches up. Marula oil gains positive feedback among people who struggle with skin imperfections as well as those who are not satisfied with the condition of their hair.

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