Coconut oil – especially the cold-pressed and unrefined one – is a natural hair conditioner. It can replace a whole range of other cosmetics. However, you must know how to use it properly. 

There is probably no other oil that would be so willingly used in hair care. For many people, coconut oil is a much better solution than the also well-known argan oil, mostly because of the fact that it is less pricey. How to take care of your hair with the help of coconut oil? Once we choose the right product and know how to apply it, the beauty treatments are very easy. 

1 – Selecting coconut oil 

we can choose from a refined and unrefined one. We can assume that is it cold-pressed (extra virgin) because other methods of extraction are not very likely to happen. Nevertheless, the selection between refined and unrefined (unpurified) can be problematic. If you look for a better quality, go for the unrefined one. It has more nutrients and is less processed. However, if you are not a fan of the coconut scent, choose the refined version despite a slightly worse composition.

2. Matching the method of application 

The use of coconut oil provides a whole range of possibilities and combinations. There is no one specific method of application therefore, everyone can do it their own way. Coconut oil can be applied:

– to the hair ends for protection against splitting. 

– to the scalp to nourish, reinforce the bulbs and inhibit hair loss.

– to the entire length of hair as a sun protection. 

It is also worth remembering that coconut oil works best for low porosity hair. If applied to extremely damaged strands it can worsen their condition. 

Usually, coconut oil looks like white, creamy butter that melts only at 25 degrees (Celsius). It can make the application of such a thick substance to the hair a bit more difficult. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks that make it all nice and easy. Therefore, before the hair oiling treatment, it is recommended that you:

– warm up the oil gently to make it runnier and to increase absorbing powers. 

– dampen the hair because moisture facilitates spreading the oil over the hair. 

– combine coconut oil with other oils, for instance, argan oil.

– use coconut butter as a base for your homemade hair mask.