Most girls don’t believe their natural nails can be healthy, strong and long. And they are wrong. The suitable day-to-day care is all it takes. Make them better using these 5 ways. It’s really simple!

Our genes largely affect our good looks. We have no choice and need to accept what we inherit from our moms, grandmas and great grandmas. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement.

Day-to-day nail care is essential

If your nails are brittle, thin and splitting, you must think if you’re not the one causing it by not giving them enough care and attention. You care for your hair and skin but skip the hands? The result seems obvious: dry skin and weak nails which tend to split and break. To keep them from getting worse, you must get down to decent daily nail care. A hand lotion is not enough. Sometimes, you need a thing that works from within and gets to the source of your problem. Naturally, a healthy, balanced diet and drinking lots of water are the priority.

How to strengthen nails? 5 remedies

You can condition your nails in plenty of ways but it’s best to use the trusted and well-known ones.

1. Nail oil

If you want to reinforce the nails, natural oils are cut out for this role. You can use them worry-free and there’s no way you overuse them because oils contain only beneficial ingredients that nourish the nails and cuticles: vitamins, minerals, EFAs, phytosterols. The most popular oils used on nails are:

  • argan oil to protect and repair the nails.
  • castor oil to strengthen, boost shine, and stimulate growth.
  • avocado oil, abounding in 7 vitamins.

All you do is rub a chosen oil into the nails before sleep.

2. Nail conditioner

A nail conditioner is a good choice if you want stronger effects because this is a product designed for nail care. One good conditioner is enough to fix damage we “worked” on for a long time. It might be rich in natural oils, vitamin E, proteins, plant extracts and additional moisturizing substances, e.g. urea. Conditioners usually come in the form of nail polish that you apply on clean nails and use for a long time, but it can be more oily or watery and come in a convenient pen.

3. Shea butter

Shea butter is another natural way to strengthen weak nails. This is a plant-derived fat – like oils – but its texture means you use it differently: it is like thick cream that melts in contact with the skin. Shea butter is rich in nutrients so it leaves the skin smooth, soft and nourished while strengthening and repairing the nails.

4. Paraffin wax hand treatment

When you’ve got some more time, you can treat yourself to a very nice treatment based on paraffin wax. It has a brilliant effect on the condition and look of your nails. It’s best to do in the wintertime. Unfortunately, you can’t do it at home. Salon appointment is a must. Still, this isn’t a pricey treatment. It involves soaking the hands in warm liquid paraffin which creates a layer on the skin to prevent loss of moisture. Before that, an esthetician applies a nourishing product which is easily absorbed thanks to paraffin to deeply nourish and really make the nails stronger. One-off treatment is enough to spot the difference.

5. Olive oil nail soak

This one can be done at home easily. Olive oil has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails. You just need to heat up some olive oil (don’t allow it to boil!) and soak the nails for around 15 minutes. If you want to enrich the soak, mix 2 spoons of olive oil with a spoon of lemon juice and a few drops of vitamin E: the mixture doesn’t only nourish and strengthen the nails but also brightens the stains and moisturizes. Effect? Resilient, smooth, shiny nails!

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