It takes care of the hair, body, moisturizes and prevents water loss from the inner hair structures…coconut oil is the king of all natural oils due to its incredible properties that distinguish it from others. It is a true cosmetic phenomenon; also, it gives a lot more possibilities that one can presume. No other oil is so versatile. Would you like to make the best of it? Here are 20 reasons why it is worth having coconut oil on the bathroom shelf. 

Typical and unusual: properties and use of coconut oil

  1. It protects the hair and body against sun radiation (it has SPF 10 which is higher than other natural oils).
  2. It prevents water loss from the inner parts of the hair and skin – works better than many moisturising creams.
  3. It prevents toxins from penetrating hair’s inner parts, which also prevents damage.
  4. It disinfects – provides bactericidal action and prevents adverse skin changes.
  5. It cleanses the scalp – takes care of the scalp, gets rid of cosmetic buildup at the hair base.
  6. It overcomes acne – it soothes and combats blemishes as well as prevents the multiplication of acne lesions.
  7. It soothes irritation, helps wound healing.
  8. It increases hair’s lightness – it does not overburden the hair but lifts at the roots – it is perfect for low porosity hair.
  9. Coconut oil pulled on regularly whitens teeth.
  10. It is invaluable in oral hygiene – antibacterial and refreshing breath.
  11. It contains one of the larger ‘portions’ of minerals that are necessary for proper skin and hair care.
  12. When applied to the under-eye area, it smoothes out wrinkles and takes care of the skin firmness.
  13. It is suitable for makeup removal – it removes impurities and toxins and takes great care of the skin.
  14. The nails will stop breaking.
  15. It is perfect for combining with other oils – strengthens their durability, prevents the multiplication of bacteria and contaminants in cosmetics.
  16. It takes care of the feet – soothes the skin and prevents infections.
  17. It boosts metabolism, helps to stay in shape.
  18. It contains a range of rejuvenating vitamins (A, E, C, B).
  19. It works great for homemade skin exfoliation.
  20. It soothes lips, prevents chapping and drying.

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