Hair regeneration that has it beginning in hair bulbs and acceleration of hair growth combined with thickening of the entire hairdo – without leaving your home? Sounds perfect! This is a treatment that has been known for ages and which is currently very trendy because hair-maniacs and bloggers managed to glorify and popularize it again. How does hair oiling work and does it really deserve to gather only positive feedback?

What’s oil hair treatment?

Hair oiling is a treatment that positively affects scalp, hair bulbs and hair in its entire length. The form and application of oils resembles use of hair mask, with just one difference. Namely, this is a natural substance that we put on the scalp, and it features neither parabens nor silicones but just a natural oil (or a good blend of oils). Moreover, oil hair treatment is a beauty procedure that improves state of hair (inner structures as well) and boosts its appearance fast. Basically, this treatment influences the most important part of hair, which is its bulb, by reinforcing it. As a consequence, strands become stronger and grow healthy.

How to carry out the procedure at home?

The undisputed advantages of hair oiling is that this procedure can be carried out at home, when we have time for that, and the oil itself can be left on our hair for as long as we want it to (from 30 minutes up to a few hours). You need to coat your head skin and hair with the oil by massaging the scalp gently. Another good thing about this procedure is that you can have either dry or wet hair to coat it with an oil. However, it is said that wet hair absorbs oils better and easier. To remove the oil you can use a regular shampoo.

Oil hair treatment – Comments

Indeed, recently hair oiling has been a highly publicised beauty trend which is on a good way to become evergreen method of improving hair condition. It is also close to become one of the best hair treatments ever practised. It can’t be denied, oil hair treatment gathers only positive comments and there is nothing surprising about this since anyone who gives a go to natural oils, immediately becomes a supporter of this hair treatment. Basically, hair oiling delivers outcomes that can be compared to the best treatments offered by beauty parlours.

What do we win thanks to hair oiling?

  • it reinforces hair on the entire length by mending its structures,
  • closes hair cuticles, intensifies shine and increases elasticity of hair,
  • combats brittleness, fights with the problem of matte hair, adds energy and vitality,
  • slows down uncontrolled hair loss,
  • improves state of scalp, regulates sebum production,
  • combats the problem of seborrhoea,
  • improves state of hair bulbs and facilitates their performance,
  • thickens hair,
  • protects hair against damages and toxins.

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