Without doubt, dry body brushing is a revelation of this season! This body improving treatment is easy to do and at the same time it’s incredibly effective. It originates from Asia and it’s recognized as one of the most popular treatments used in Chinese and Hindu medicine. Why should you consider brushing your body dry as your next fave skin improving treatment?

Why should you give dry body brushing a go?

Exposing your body to dry brushing on a daily basis will give you nothing but benefits – it improves not only physical appearance of skin but also it positively influences its condition. Just two weeks of regular massaging your body with a dry brush leaves your skin younger, reduces cellulite and evens out skin tone. Finally, it’s also proven that systematic dry body brushing boosts mood.

What are the benefits of dry body brushing?

First things first, this body treatment frees your body from toxins. How is it possible? Thanks you giving your body a massage due to a natural-bristle brush, you stimulate blood flow along with lymph system that is responsible for removing all harmful metabolites. When lymph flow is disturbed, we feel heavy and our legs and arms appear to be swollen. Dry body brushing helps us alleviate this condition. Another plus of this body treatment is that it prevents ingrown hairs, which is nasty aftermath of frequent shaving.

Furthermore, dead epidermal cells that are removed from body while brushing helps you get rid of toxins that accumulated on skin, and this in turn aids in carrying out skin cell renewal process. After the treatment skin absorbs precious nutrients delivered by care products considerably faster and deeper, also skin cells are better supplied with oxygen. Moreover, skin starts looking younger and healthier. If you keep brushing your skin on a regular basis, you can expect your skin tone to be evened out; resilience improvement follows.

What items do you need for dry body brushing?

Obviously, you need a body massage brush that is made of natural bristle. The good news is that such tool isn’t expensive at all and is available in various sizes, forms and colors. The most convenient though is the brush that comes with a long wooden handle that can be dismantled. Apart from the body brush, you must make sure that your skin is clean and dry (towel-dried, no body balm). Actually, dry body brushing shall be performed prior to taking a shower because running water will help you remove the dead skin cells from your body and the cosmetics applied after washing will penetrate skin deeper and faster. You can also massage your body with a brush in the morning – just to start your day with an energy boost.


You should clean the bristle of your body brush regularly. Use lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo or bubble bath.

Step-by-step dry body brushing

The technique you use to massage your body with is really important. If done correctly, you can expect this treatment to improve your skin, boost blood flow, supply cells with oxygen, put you in a good mood and give you more energy. The good news is that you don’t have to devote much time to achieve the very effects since just a 5-minute brushing gives you the whole spectrum of benefits. So how to brush your body properly? Make sure that the motions are long and that the brush gliding over your body always heads heart.


  1. Start from your feet. First brush the dorsal part of one foot and then the plantar. Later, you can start moving the brush upwards to give massage to the calves and thighs. Don’t rush and never stop brushing.
  2. Treat hands and arms alike. Begin with fingers, then go for hands and wrists to later focus on tops and bottoms of the arms and shoulders.
  3. Now you can move on to the belly and chest. Do this really gently, don’t press the brush too strongly because those areas are pretty sensitive. Remember to head the heart, don’t change this direction. Also, mind the skin, pay attention to it and try not to scratch it. All that you need to feel is pleasure and a nice warming-up feeling.
  4. Now it’s time for shower. However, if you prefer brushing your body after leaving shower, just apply your favorite body balm.

Last but not least, if your skin happens to have some injuries, cuts or scalds – you mustn’t treat them with a brush. You should also avoid varicose veins and inflammations. The entire treatment should last from 5 to 10 minutes max. Keep exposing your skin to regular dry body brushing and let yourself be surprised by the incredible effects this treatment delivers.

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