Surveys show that we don’t handle the pandemic well. The enforced quarantine is the worst form of punishment for some people. What can you do for yourself during lockdown? See 4 ways of spending the time nicely and fruitfully.

The lockdown time doesn’t need to be boring or put in you in a bad mood. Instead of thinking about the things we can’t change, let’s do something for ourselves. Check 4 ways to take care of yourself and the space around you during the lockdown to fight the boredom, unwind, but also make the most of this time.


Start with the thing you usually have no time for. Lockdown is a perfect moment for cleaning your beauty stuff. Go through all cosmetics, including face, body, hair and make-up products.

It’s good to divide your keep-and-toss beauty clean-up into two steps:

  • throw out all used-up and expired products: empty containers, dried products and all cosmetics that have been long past date should end up in a bin;
  • get rid of all products you don’t use: when it comes to products that are good to use but you don’t like their effect, it’s good to give them to your friends who may like them.


Nothing boosts the mood like a new beauty product does so it’s time you “went” shopping. Obviously, a trip to an online store is the only option in lockdown but it definitely does the trick! Restock your beauty arsenal and get things that you really need (it should be obvious after cleaning).

While shopping, remember to:

  • add only products you actually need to the cart;
  • choose products matching your hair and skin type;
  • go for all-natural beauty products;
  • support local brands and small beauty companies.

The delivery guy will bring your order to the address you provide and thanks to modern-day solutions, you can avoid the face-to-face contact.


Equipped with suitable products, you’ve got all that is necessary to unwind and relax. Lockdown is a perfect time for creating your own SPA so you can enjoy some time alone. Get the dimmed light, play some mood music, light scented candles and prepare a soft towel.

The choice of treatment is up to you. See some great ideas for spa at home:

  • hair oil treatment: having a lie-in in a bathtub is ideal to treat your wet hair with a favorite oil (ideally matched to your hair porosity) or a blend of oils you can mix yourself to repair and strengthen the structures of hair, boost its elasticity, and leave it softer and shinier;
  • facial mask: the face skin also deserves some relaxation, nourishment and hydration boost so treat it to a ready-made mask (e.g. one used in salons) or a homemade mask based on oils, fruit, honey, yoghurt, citruses and other ingredients;
  • coffee scrub: body exfoliation is a must in a home spa session. Ideally, make use of coffee grounds mixing them with a chosen oil. The blend leaves the skin super smooth, plumps it up and has an anti-cellulite effect;
  • oil body massage: make use of pure oils (almond oil plumps the skin, argan oil nourishes, jojoba oil moisturizes) and treat your body to a relaxation massage, using your hands or a natural-bristle massaging brush.


After the relaxing spa which treated all of your body parts tenderly, you can do the mani: regular or gel if you’ve got the lamp and suitable nail polish. Lockdown gives you a chance of experimenting with the colors and patterns as normally you’re probably too busy while nail art requires time and precision. If you dream of flower or geometrical shapes or ombre, this is a perfect time to give it a go.

#Stay home and take care!

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