Repairing hair structure, smoothing out, strengthening and increasing shine is usually what we expect from a professional hair treatment done at the salon. One of the most famous procedures is the hair botox. However, it turns out that even though it is extremely effective, it is surpassed with the traditional hair oil treatment. WHY?

What is hair botox?

It is a hair treatment that is to generate and smooth out the hair and seal the cuticle and as a result, the hair regains shine, resilience and the structure is rebuilt (hair botox seals broken amino acid bondings). The first step is to wash the hair with a specific shampoo to lift the scales, and then, the stylist applies a concentrated serum that penetrates the deepest parts of hair structure. At the end, the scales are to be resealed with a hair mask.

The catch is that hair botox has nothing to do with the well-known skin procedure to get rid of wrinkles. In fact, the name only relates to the method of application – both treatments are done with a syringe.

What is hair oiling?

Hair oiling is a treatment that uses natural, cold-pressed oils which are obtained from the best seeds and nuts of plants from all over the world. Oils abound in various fatty acids, a wide range of vitamins and a high dose of minerals and phytosterols. The oil of your choice is to be applied to cleansed hair and scalp for about 30 minutes before washing (you might as well leave it in overnight and wash out in the morning). Regular oil treatment regenerates and beautifies the hair from the roots to tips.

Hair Botox vs hair oiling 

Hair oiling is very similar to hair botox treatment. Why has it become more popular? First of all, it is all-natural, chemical-free and uses substances with high powers. Secondly – the oils strengthen not only the hair itself, but – more importantly – the scalp and hair bulbs. For many women, comfort is also important: oiling your hair can be done in the comfort of your own home which means a 100% relax.

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