Castor oil appears to be one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature has ever given us. This plant oil is proven to promote hair growth, it deals with uncontrolled hair loss, makes brows and lashes thicker and even aids in combating acne. Whether you easily achieve these effects is strictly connected with the product you go for. Do you know what factors you should take into account while shopping for castor oil?

The trend for home SPA seems to continue. And this is good news not only for those who favor treating their bodies with natural plant oils but also for those who haven’t tried these wonderful Mother Nature’s gifts yet. It’s time to catch up and choose one of the most recommended and widely-used cosmetic oils: argan oil, coconut oil, but mostly castor oil.


Cosmetic uses of castor oil have been known for centuries. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that castor oil is one of the very first plant oils that we – humans – used to improve our looks. Even our grandmas applied castor oils for full-looking, strong and thick strands. Today, however, we know that castor oil products are also able to improve hair, skin, lashes, brows and nails. Undoubtedly, this plant oil is an universal, deeply repairing, all-natural conditioner, and this means that it can be considered as an alternative to many regular beauty products used on a daily basis.

Benefits of castor oil for hair

Consider it your life-saver if you’re look for something that would fix the problem of thinning, dull and fine hair. Why so? Because when rubbed into the scalp, castor oil shows the positive effects on the follicles. What can you expect to achieve if you keep applying castor oil to your hair on a regular basis? Since castor oil is rather thick, it’s suggested putting it on the roots of hair, not to the hair length. And treating strands with pure castor oil pays off because within a few days:

  • the follicles become stronger, hence reduced hair thinning.
  • the appearance of hair improves: it wins more shine and deeper color.
  • hair grows faster, baby hair appears and the hairdo looks thicker.
  • the feeling of itchiness alleviates, and dandruff disappears.
  • strands look fresh longer.

While using castor oil in the daily hair routine, you may also try putting some of it on the eyelashes and eyebrows for the strengthening and thickening effect.

Benefits of castor oil for skin

When it comes to skin care, castor oil proves itself to be a potent agent dealing with acne and comedoes. It even handles the problem of shining T-zone. You can use it instead of a face cream by just massaging a small portion of pure castor oil into your complexion. It also serves well for OCM (oil cleansing method). When used on a regular basis, castor oil:

  • forces acne and other imperfections to disappear, thus the skin frees itself from black and whiteheads.
  • aids oily glands in cutting down on sebum production, meaning no more shiny T-zone.
  • makes skin get a bit smoother, softer and more glowy with every use.
  • deals with the problem of dry skin patches, irritations and the feeling of tight skin.

While taking care of the skin, it’s also advised to spend a short while to massage the remaining oil to brittle nails to make them stronger.


It needs to be realized though that not every single castor oil product delivers the same results, therefore it’s worth buckling down and getting the right one. It’s natural that if you haven’t dabbled into cosmetic oils yet, you might experience some problems with determining which castor oil product would be the best for you. Apart from being guided only by the price, you should also pay attention to the method of extraction, purity, certifications and the lack of fillers.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of the best castor oil products. Here is the big 5 that deserves not only some recognition but also your trust. Consider the below plant oils if you’re intending to incorporate an universal and do-it-all castor oil into your beauty routine.

1. Nanoil castor oil (1.69 oz / 50 ml)

healthy hair with Nanoil

This golden, lightweight extract from Nanoil equals 100% organic, natural oil obtained through cold pressing of castor beans. Not only isn’t it refined but also it contains no fillers, meaning that every single drop of Nanoil Castor Oil is loaded with the maximum nutrients. This is Ecocert-certified castor oil whose high quality can be felt already at first use – it soaks into skin fast, leaving it smooth and pleasantly moisturized without creating the actual oily feel. This product works wonders on demanding, acne-prone and oily skin as well as on thin, fragile, thinning hair with dandruff. The good news is that Nanoil castor oil is safe for allergy sufferers and vegans. Currently it’s one of the best-selling natural plant oils. Why? Because it has a host of benefits: it visibly retains moisture, smooths out, is antibacterial, reduces irritations, manages sebum secretion, strengthens follicles, promotes hair growth, prevents hair from falling out and finally, thickens eyebrows and eyelashes. The truth is, Nanoil Castor Oil can be used in many different ways, and its versatility is owed to the fact that this is one of the most lightweight castor oil products available on the market. Everyone should try removing makeup with Nanoil castor oil. And those who use it just once, won’t switch it for other castor oil, particularly because it’s not only an incredibly effective product but also it looks luxurious and is available at an attractive and reasonable price. For more information visit the official Nanoil store.

2. Avril castor oil (3.38 oz / 100 ml)

Next offering is another organic castor oil, but this time it belongs to Avril’s cosmetic line. This is a vegan and eco-friendly product, but it’s not as efficient as the oil listed above. You can use Avril’s castor oil to condition your body, face, hair, nails, lashes, brows and even beard. Easy application is ensured by a convenient pump dispenser that measures you even potions of this golden oil. Sadly, this product is rather thick so it’s better for you to control the portions of oil squeezed out so as not to overload the skin and hair. A big plus is given for being 100% natural castor oil – it doesn’t contain any unnecessary fillers, the beans used in extraction come from controlled farming, and before being introduced to the market, it was tested by dermatologists. Avril castor oil is advertised for being suitable for women and men (e.g. for beard treatments). Although the big size and low price may be tempting, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are reasons why this castor oil didn’t manage to win the first place.

3. Earth To You castor oil (3.38 oz / 100 ml)

If somebody is wondering what the costliest castor oil product is, then one of the candidates for this infamous title is castor oil belonging to a British cosmetic brand – Earth To You. It’s size is slightly bigger than regular plant-based oil products, and inside this dark-glass bottle there is organic and high quality castor oil. The packaging looks luxurious and is simple, and the easy application to lashes is ensured by a tiny bottle and a brush that come with the product. You can pour there your golden castor oil from Earth To You and use it as a lash conditioner anywhere you like. Obviously, this is a cold-pressed, natural and USDA-certified oil, yet none of these features explains this product’s high price. For this money you can buy a few bottles of equally effective and multitasking, or even better castor oil that is also perfectly suitable to be applied directly to the hair, body, face and eyelashes.

4. Satin Naturel castor oil (6.76 oz / 200 ml)

Deep blackness combined with golden inscriptions is a distinctive design of natural beauty products launched by a German cosmetic brand – Satin Naturel. Among their products you can find organic, 100% natural, cold-pressed and pure castor oil. Its size is big, so is its price. This makes it a product that only few can afford. Is it worth buying, then? Let’s take a look. The black bottle with a pump dispenser holds a good quality oil extracted from castor beans. It can be used freely to improve the looks of hair, skin, face and fingernails. Even though this castor oil doesn’t seem to be the best pick for the beauty routine, it’s definitely one of the most intriguing products on this list – lightweight, golden, well-absorbing and able to protect the skin from losing the precious moisture. Castor oil offered by Satin Natural deserves some recognition for its single-ingredient composition free from parabens, microplastics and sulfates. This is 100% of nature that you can turn to if you fight for fabulous hair and healthy skin.

5. Eve Hansen castor oil (2 oz / 60 ml)

Another USDA-certified, organic, natural and pure castor oil is offered by Eve Hansen. Although this cosmetic’s design doesn’t stand out, it may work for the daily beauty routine of undemanding users. It’s mostly recommended for conditioning lashes and brows, and therefore the regular dropper is teamed with two extra applicators: a brush and a wand, which significantly eases the use. Obviously, Eve Hansen’s castor oil is all-natural, cold-pressed and unrefined, thus it can be safely applied to the scalp, face and body. When used long-term, this castor oil is expected to help you deal with uncontrolled hair loss and promote hair growth. Just 2-3 drops of this castor oil product leave skin cleansed, and because it’s antibacterial, it also reduces acne and erases black and whiteheads. On the flip side, Eve Hansen’s castor oil delivers all these effects only if applied regularly, which should be born in mind before you choose your new beauty ally.