Acne, blackheads, redness, spider veins, wrinkles… The skin problems may be of all sorts, but most of them have the same origin – the mistakes that we make in skincare. How to take care of the skin in order to avoid them?

Dozens of read articles about skincare and a pile of cosmetics for the face that supposed to solve all the problems and yet skin still looks as per usual? Do not blame everyone around because it is highly probable that you commit the most popular skincare mistakes. Check out what not to do and how to make skin preserve its health and beauty for longer.


Mistake No. 1 Washing your face with just the water or water with soap.

Do you have dry skin? Oftentimes the problem is not in the fact that you do not use moisturizing cosmetics, but because you wash your face incorrectly. The soap is the greatest enemy of the skin as it has basic pH – which is the opposite of our skin that prefers acidic reaction. Therefore, when you wash your face with soap or just water it is highly likely that it will be dry before you know it. How to avoid tightness and unpleasant irritation after the wash? For the cleansing, you should use products with the right ingredients that are neutral for the skin, do not change its pH, and pampers it during the wash. A great idea is to wash the face with oils, e.g. the mix of castor oil and jojoba oil.

Mistake No. 2 The use of face serum interchangeably with the cream.

Another mistake in skincare that can make skin look poorly is the use of face serum or cream. You should keep in mind that those are cosmetics with complementary action – the serum reaches deep skin layers and improves its hydration, nourishes, and rejuvenates while the cream creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin so the nutrients delivered with serum do not escape the skin. When using the serum alone, you waste its potential. On the other hand, the cream does not have as intense action and the skin may not be properly nourished.

Mistake No. 3 Touching the face, popping the pimples, scratching.

What else shouldn’t you do to your skin? Touch it, obviously! There are thousands if not millions of bacteria on our hands. With every touch of the face, it is an opportunity to transfer them to the skin, and it’s a short way towards acne. If you already have acne, then you shouldn’t touch the skin, scratch it or pop the pimples – as it causes the bacteria to spread and transfer the inflammation all over the face.

Mistake No. 4 The use of expired cosmetics.

Irritations, discolorations, or in a more optimistic version lack of effects of the skincare is the result of using expired cosmetics. How often do you review the cosmetics in your cosmetic bag? How many times a year you get rid of the products that are expired? Seldom, and that’s a serious mistake when it comes to skincare. Here best is the “less is more” rule because with a smaller number of cosmetics you will be able to use them up faster and those will not reach their expiry date. It is worse for the make-up cosmetics which are difficult to use up that fast and which happens to also have their expiry date. It is usually indicated by an open jar symbol (PAO) that informs us how many months after opening the product is suitable for use.

Mistake No. 5 The incorrect face cleanse in the evening.

When it comes to skincare the most important is cleansing and we often happen to forget about it. Many women tend to go to sleep with incorrectly removed make-up or do not remove it at all. The effect? Irritations, acne, oily skin, and numerous other problems. The night is the time for skin regeneration and renewal – if it’s covered with a thick layer of make-up, then clogged pores make it impossible. That is why it is said that the lack of make-up removal is the gravest mistake in skincare and a crime against the skin. You should keep it in mind and introduce it to your routine, e.g. in a multistep face cleanse – first with micellar liquid, then oil, face gel, exfoliator, and toner. Your skin will thank you for its beauty.

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