Each year we are surprised with yet another hair trend. Last year we were all amazed by galaxy hair, perfect hairstyle for summer time, but this year stylists went a step further. Glow in the dark hair are dyeing trend in which hair not only have rainbow colours, but also… glow in the club’s darkness!

If you want to have a closer look on how this trend looks like, then on the Instagram type #glowinthedarkhair. In the past few weeks, this portal was flooded with pictures of hair, which glow in ultraviolet. You’ll find there not only amateur photos of glowing hair, but also those made by professionals. Some are dyeing just individual streak for diversifying of their hairstyle, and some dye almost entire hair; there are also brave people who decide on eyelashes dye, so they would glow in the light of the club’s lasers.

How does Glow in the Dark Hair work?

Fluorescent effect noticeable in the UV light is nothing else, but dyeing hair with dedicated for this hair dyes. For weeks now, in shops we can find Manic Panic’s High Voltage Classic Cream dye, among which we will find colours, like: Hot Hot Pink or Electric Lizard. In the dye’s offer are not only strong neon colours, but also more subtle shades; if it’s even possible to say that about glowing in the dark hair. You should remember that colourization with dyes glowing in ultraviolet is especially damaging for hair, so you shouldn’t exaggerate with such hair change.

For people who don’t want to damage their hair, equivalent for fluorescent dyes are glow in the dark hair sprays. However, outcome isn’t as intense and – most of all – as long lasting as the dye. Glowing in UV hair are proposition for courageous people. The neon fluorescent effect is very effective on its own, but the most stunning photos are of hairstyles in Glow in the Dark Hair, like knots, plaits etc. It doesn’t matter which hairstyle do you choose, whether you leave your hair loose or not – Glow in the Dark Hair will always draw attention!

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