The first and the most important cosmetic for every make-up is foundation. You can of course replace it with good BB or CC cream. Right foundation can perform miracles. If you managed to match the foundation with the skin complexion (and it is not easy), then there is almost 100% certainty that your make-up will be as good as the one made by professional make-up artists on the catwalks. foundation can cover the imperfections, equalise the skin colour, moisturise and nourish the skin. The other difficulty is in the proper application of the foundation. You can apply it with fingers, brush or sponge. All that matters is the final effect, which is smooth face without the mask effect.

Concealer is equally important cosmetic. It is a mandatory position that should be in every girls’ vanity bag. Why? Because without it you won’t make beautiful make-up, won’t be able to contour the face and won’t cover the imperfections. What do you need concealer for? Firstly, you’ll cover dark circles around the eyes and the effect of not so good condition or lack of proper nourishing. Secondly, it will make your eyes look bigger. You just need to apply it in the inner eye corners and under the brow ridge. But here is a small catch. Concealer has to be one or two tones lighter than the skin complexion and foundation.

Make-up should be preserved with transparent powder. It is much better than matt powders, because it is adjusting to the skin complexion and doesn’t create the flat face effect. Transparent powder should be applied with a large, flat cut brush with soft bristle. Small amount of the cosmetic is enough to preserve and matt skin. A bit more of a transparent powder you can apply in the T-zone, because there face usually shines the most.

The last cosmetic destined for face make-up is blusher. It should has similar shade to our natural blush. It usually is applied along the cheek bones. Nevertheless, blusher can also have other usage. Blusher is a perfect replacement for eyeshadow and highlighter (then it will be administered under the brow ridge and above the upper lip). Blusher can add freshness and energy to our skin and will make us look radiant and beautiful.

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