Spring is almost upon us. Soon we’ll put jackets, hats and scarves into the wardrobe, and we’ll take out dresses, tight tops and short skirts. But before we get to it we need to prepare for the upcoming warm days and wardrobe change. We will need body care knowledge.

Couperose skin needs special preparations before spring. Why? Because sun radiation causes blood vessels to widen and it leads to skin redness. You will need special cream tightening walls of blood vessels or sunscreen. Products you choose should consist of rutin, vitamin C and PP. Lack of necessary cosmetics can lead to worsening skin condition and it can further lead to rosacea. You can ask about laser treatment in the beauty parlour. Light impulse will remove “spider vines” and will improve the overall look of the face.

Before sun starts to shine more intense you need to take care of the face skin. Helpful can be microdermabrasion, exfoliation or chemical peel. Exfoliants and microdermabrasion will remove dead skin cells, flatten wrinkles and lighten discolourations, while chemical peel will regenerate epidermis. This type of treatment is helpful for people with oily, combination and prone to imperfections skin. If you are dealing with deep and dark scars or awkward acne, then you can also try laser treatment. However, remember that such procedure can be performed only by trained beautician with use of specialistic cosmetics.

Don’t forget about cleavage. Skin needs tone up and epidermis needs peel. Great solution would be also intensive moisturising with dry body oils. Very important part of body care is massage with ice cubes for blood circulation boost. Massage cleavage with ice cubes in a circular motion; finish procedure in the neck area. Don’t forget about the breasts; apply toning or moisturising mask. You can try exercises on the upper chest muscles as well.

Hips treatments not only tones up, but also helps reducing cellulite and stretch marks. Just few minutes of massage with special cosmetics is enough for making skin beautiful, flexible and younger. You can use a glove or sponge with rough surface. Apparently, chemical peel is also very effective in slimming down hips.

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