Hybrid nail polishes gain more and more followers these days, because undeniably they have many benefits – easy application, fast dry, long lasting effect and availability for everyone. Today we will talk about two most popular (and very similar) brands, i.e. Shellac and Semilac. How will those brands present? Read below.

Twin brands

Both Shellac and Semilac offer hybrid nail polishes with great properties. Hybrid nail polishes of those brands usually last up to 3 weeks, though, some girls claim that it my last even longer and they remove it only when the roots become unaesthetic. Both Semilac and Shellac don’t chip and finger nails look like straight from beauty parlour for all the time of wearing it. Similarity is also noticeable in application which is very easy – nail polishes distribute well and perfectly cover nail plate after application of two layers, they dry quickly, because 30 seconds under UV lamp is enough for them.

Semilac – cheaper doesn’t mean worse

Semilac nail polishes have definitely price advantage, because for exactly the same amount of content as in Shellac, we’ll pay three times less. Hybrid nail polishes of this brand can be removed in a matter of several minutes. The average time in which acetone dissolves nail polish takes about 15-20 minutes. Big disadvantage of Semilac nail polishes is their scent, however, fortunately, unpleasant smell is noticeable only during application and it evaporates after hardening.

Shellac – more expensive hybrid equivalent

Shellac hybrid nail polishes are much more expensive, but they don’t surprise us with any better properties. Despite of more pleasant scent, they come up worse in hardening. In case of some Shellac nail polishes, layers are ripple and you need to additionally fix the manicure. The plus of Shellac brand is shorter time of removal, though, the difference isn’t that significant – acetone dissolves hybrid nail polish up to 10 minutes faster.

To sum up

Both brands offer hybrid nail polishes with similar covering properties, satisfactory durability and application with no bigger problems. The main difference between both brands is price – Shellac is almost three times more expensive than Semilac. The cheaper nail polish maybe have unpleasant scent, but hardens better. Time of nail polish to dissolve is similar – Shellac removes a bit faster. Depending on which qualities are more important to you (faster dissolving, scent or price) you’ll choose Semilac or Shellac.