Do you think perfect mascara is like holy grail and finding it borders on miraculous? Apparently, you haven’t come across a suitable product yet. The truth is that ideal mascaras do exist. How to find one? Pay attention to a few things that make a really good mascara.

I guess there is no woman who can imagine her make-up without mascara. Even women wearing falsies sometimes go for it to enhance the effect. Knowing how to pick the best product matters for your make-up enormously. See what makes a perfect mascara.


1. Optimally-sized silicone brush.

A brush is crucial for the quality of mascara and the effect it creates. If yours has a nylon bristle, this might be the reason for your make-up failing. Silicone brushes are way better as they ideally match the eye shape and are hypoallergenic. The secret to lovely make-up is mascara with silicone brush having the size and length of bristles that match your lashes.

2. Different sizes of bristles.

Speaking of a brush, you should also pay attention to its bristles because they have the effect on your make-up and the ease of applying it. Ideally, the tip of the brush should be narrower so you can effortlessly coat the corner and lower lashes. Varying lengths of bristles on a brush guarantee your mascara reaches the tiniest eyelash and you get the best effects.

3. Deep black pigment.

Most mascaras are black but the color may be deep or less intense. It’s good to pick mascaras that are intensely black because they look much better on the lashes. Mascara with a pitch black pigment is a perfect one.

4. Amazing effect of lengthening, thickening and volume-boosting.

Naturally, a good mascara is to make your lashes look better. We reach for it to extend, thicken and add fullness to lashes so it should definitely work this way. If you are not sure if a mascara delivers on producer’s promises, ask for samples or go through blog reviews, user comments and before-and-after pictures.

5. Lash-conditioning mascara.

A perfect mascara takes care for your lashes while you wear make-up (contrary to all myths saying that mascara causes damage to lashes). If mascara contains additional nourishing substances like oils, plant extracts, vitamins or proteins, it is not going to damage your lashes but strengthen them and stimulate faster growth. The formula should be based on natural ingredients and plant-derived substances to give you both beauty and health benefits.

6. Extremely long-wear and easy to remove at the same time.

What is the last feature of a perfect mascara? Staying long on lashes without forming clumps or smudging. It is important as we all want our make-up to last all day untouched. What’s important is that your mascara doesn’t need to be waterproof to stay on for many hours. It even shouldn’t be because taking waterproof make-up off is more problematic and may cause extreme damage to your lashes.

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