Marine algae – one of the first-rate cosmetic ingredients. They’ve been irreplaceable since their amazing skin and hair benefits were discovered. Renowned hair salons often offer algae-rich masks and treatments. Now you can fight for the health and appearance of your hair at home by delivering precious marine micronutrients, repairing and hydrating the tresses. Meet a top-notch hair mask filled up with the famed marine algae. Try Nanoil Algae Hair Mask!

Algae for hair? The raves are justified!

Inconspicuous marine algae have an amazing ability to store valuable macro- and micro-elements included in sea water. In hair care this translates into strong, healthy, lovely hair.

  • calcium strengthens the hair structure
  • magnesium adds volume and smoothness
  • iodine ensures hair gloss
  • iron prevents hair breakage and thinning
  • vitamin B12 repairs and blocks hair loss
  • beta-carotene strengthens the hair throughout its length and protects
  • vitamin C moisturizes the hair shaft


Nanoil mask featuring algae is made for all types of hair. The brand makes use of the natural power of marine algae in order to perfectly restore and nourish the hair, making it healthy and looking its best.

Thanks to the hydrating and regenerating effect, the mask aids in making the hair look beautiful again – the tresses go softer, nicer and easier to style.

This moisturizing hair mask offers you the natural power of algae closed in a lightweight formula that smells lovely and perfectly conditions the hair. It gives a salon-treatment effect: day by day hair looks better while the styling routine is a sheer pleasure. At the same time, the mask lasts long, has an amazing aroma and doesn’t drip off the hair. A perfect effect and price – is there anything else to wish for?


The ingredients are well-composed. The powerful algae are paired with extra beautifying, smoothing and protecting substances for intensified effect.

  • Marine algae – strengthen the hair structure, moisturize, nourish, repair.
  • Panthenol – revitalizes, smoothes, reinforces, perfectly protects, gives a dazzling shine.
  • Glycerin – it’s still one of the most valuable cosmetic ingredients; aids the hair in absorbing nutrients, prevents the loss of hydration, repairs the inner structures, perfectly smoothes out and increases shine.

How to use Nanoil Algae Hair Mask?

You probably think that such professional mask needs some complicated use. Not at all! Apply a portion of the mask to the clean, damp hair, let it sit for 10 or 20 minutes and thoroughly rinse the hair. Use it once a week.


  • It restores the natural beauty of hair.
  • It increases shine and seals cuticles, leaving the hair silky smooth.
  • It hydrates and maintains the sufficient levels of moisture.
  • It penetrates the hair structure strengthening from within.
  • It delivers vitamins and nutrients.
  • It restores and protects from damage.
  • It tames flyaways and makes everyday styling run smoothly.

Learn more, pop into and dare to amaze with stunning hair!

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