It is a fairly controversial subject. When one of the bloggers posted an entry on applying cosmetic oil to her few-year-old daughter’s hair, social media made a big waves on that matter. The big questions raised. Can we treat our children’s hair with oils? If yes, which oil to choose? Is it safe? The aim of this article is to answer all the questions and clear out all the doubts connected with this disputed issue.

Can we treat our children’s hair with oils?

Of course, we can. Oil hair treatment is safe enough to be applied it to kids’ hair. However, it is particularly crucial to use only natural, free from any chemical substances oils, if we want to take care of our children’s delicate hair. Obviously, no-one wants to harm their beloved ones. All that mums want to gift their kids with is long, beautiful, and neat hair. What is more, oil hair treatment is equally efficient if applied to adult as well as kid’s strands. In fact, it can be compared with putting an olive oil on body. Why wouldn’t we take care of kid’s hair when we condition their little bodies?

When is the best time to start applying oil hair treatment to kids?

There’re these repetitive questions (especially on the Internet forums) concerning the most appropriate time a kid can be exposed to oil hair treatment. There was one question that met with scathing criticism, namely, ‘Is it OK to treat 18-month-kid’s hair?’ Indeed, some people find oil hair treatment as a normal procedure that a kid can undergo whereas the others consider this hair care technique as non-essential. The truth is, there is no define rule stating the right age children can undergo oil hair treatment. No harm would be done even to new-borns if their hair becomes coated with a few drops of vegetable oil. Obviously, this is just a matter of prudence.

How to perform the procedure?

The core of the procedure is the technique we adopt while applying an oil to hair of our child. As it was mentioned above, kid’s skin is very sensitive and hair is very delicate, therefore some variations of the treatment mustn’t be applied. For example, we shouldn’t treat our kids with hot oil hair treatment, we mustn’t apply conditioners directly to scalp as we shouldn’t use hair loading oils. Instead, it is advised to gently rub just 1-2 drops of oil into scalp and distribute the residues along damp strands.

Which hair oil is the best for children hair?

Indeed, choosing the right oil for our child is even more demanding than choosing oil for ourselves. Obviously, a small kid won’t tell us how she or he feels when the procedure is ongoing. Therefore, it is suggested having eyes wide open. Again, when treating children hair, we have to use only delicate oils, the ones which get absorbed fast, which are light and fragrant-fee. We also have to do our best and find oils of the highest quality possible; non-refined and cold-pressed. Finally, before we conduct the first oil hair treatment, it is suggested running an allergy test first by, for example, putting a drop of an oil on kid’s shoulder. If any adverse reactions don’t occur, you can try to apply more drops to child’s hair.

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