Eyebrows on fleek. That’s what we wear this season.
Thick, bold eyebrows look really good and are the synonym of authentic beauty, boost self-confidence, and are like a manifestation of independence and preserve of emancipated women. At the same time, they beautifully enhance our facial features. Even if you’re having sparse, thinning, limp brows, you can make them over and redefine their shape within 30 days: all that is possible thanks to Nanobrow, or the best eyebrow growth serum. It will regrow overplucked brows or, if you’re lucky and already have bold eyebrows, enhance and care for them. Effortlessly.

Meet Nanobrow. A brow serum that’s much talked about!

There’s nothing usually about people raving about perfect products. Nobody feels like challenging their effectiveness. Nanobrow is such product and nobody seems to wonder why it is the highest rated eyebrow serum getting great reviews. It has a praiseworthy list of ingredients and is the essence of all that is essential for brows to grow beautiful, healthy and strong. Check out the flawless composition and effect of Nanobrow.

Nanobrow ingredients

The composition of this serum comes as a nice surprise. It’s the arsenal of top-quality ingredients where each one has amazing conditioning effect whereas all together make up a strong and unusual tool for eyebrow repairing, nourishing and beautifying treatment. What are you going to find in Nanobrow?

  • SOY SPROUT EXTRACT. One of the best eyebrow growth stimulators. Soy extract prevents eyebrows from falling out and growing…old. It strengthens brow roots, moisturizes the brows, gently lubricates, giving a nice shine.
  • WHEAT SPROUT EXTRACT. It repairs even the most damaged hairs. Among natural extracts, it enhances follicles the most. Known as a remedy for weak, thinning hair. It nourishes, smoothes out and makes brows soft and elastic, keeps them moisturized.
  • PANTHENOL. Well-known and very effective ingredient in hair conditioners which works amazing for brows too. Since the very first use, panthenol, or famous provitamin B5, improves appearance and condition of eyebrows, makes them shinier and more elastic, and strengthens lipid barrier of tiny hairs.
  • BAICALEIN. Baikal skullcap extract contains flavonoids delaying aging process and forming a microscopic protective shield on the surface of eyebrows. It’s an innovative ingredient derived from an extraordinary and damage-resistant Siberian plant; it reduces brow loss and intensifies density. Baicalein directly affects hair follicles and makes brows strong and thick. It’s a natural sunscreen too.
  • ARGININE. A natural amino acid which is essential for eyebrow care (and hair in general). It’s an effective moisturizing agent, helps nutrients penetrate hair follicles, which lies at the core of eyebrow care. Arginine also encourages growth and prevents brow loss through enhancing metabolism in cells. The important thing is that this valuable amino acid stimulates even non-active follicles. In other words, it makes brows grow throughout their length, letting you redefine their shape.
  • EYEBROW GROWTH-ENHANCING PEPTIDES. With amino acids, they are essential ingredients in a good brow serum. They reach the follicles to stimulate divisions in hair matrix, making eyebrows look on fleek and grow quickly.

Nanobrow effects

After just one week, Nanobrow treatment gives visible effects. Eyebrows are stronger, bolder, more elastic, have a nicer color and get back a sufficient level of moisture.

In second and third week of treatment, they look even better and the follicles are strengthened in a way that lets some users see their brows regrowing. It matters most for overplucked eyebrows or when you want to reshape them.

In fourth and fifth week, the brow line is strikingly fuller, eyebrows grow to the full, their shape is nice and defined, faded color is replaced by a lovely, intense shade.

Later on, most users get brand new, full eyebrows, growing healthy and strong. Follicles are nourished and firmly rooted in hair sheaths.

Nanobrow in reviews

There are very positive opinions on this serum which is owed to its effectiveness, formula lasting long and good value for money (there are good deals and discounts on the product site occasionally).

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