Do you have a round face? Or maybe your face looks a bit plump and you want to optically slim it down? Well thought-out and realised make-up can entirely change the face. Noticeable rejuvenation will bring the imperfection cover, and that’s not all. How to make a slim down make-up?

#1 Invest in two shades of foundation

Professional slimming make-up requires larger amount of cosmetics than usual. It’s worth to equip yourself with two foundations – first about a tone brighter than our skin complexion, and the other one about a tone darker than the first one. Why two foundations? It will allow shadow manipulation on our face. Brighter foundation apply on the entire face and the darker one only on the areas you want to slim down, like nose, sides of the forehead and jawline.

#2 Contour with bronzing powder or bronzer

Bronzing powder or bronzer in a right shade are the bast friends of the slimming make-up. Properly applied bronzer is the best thing to slim down the face oval. What should you remember? Contouring cosmetics always apply in the oblique motion, because horizontal motion can widen the face. Optical slim down effect gives bronzer applied under the cheekbones. However, face will look optically longer if we bedim the face on its sides (sides of forehead and jawline).

#3 Learn to reasonably use highlighter

Not only bedimming can slim down the face. Basically in slimming make-up highlighting is not desirable, however, skilful application can enhance effect of the correction of the face oval. Subtle highlighter always apply spot by spot in the areas, that you want to stick out, e.g. middle and a tip of the nose, sides of the face near the temples, Cupids bow, middle of the chin and the centre of the forehead (i.e. central area of the face).

#4 Don’t forget about naturally pink face

Perfect finish for every slimming make-up is blusher, which will add some three-dimensional look. Apply blusher with soft brush with bevelled bristles. Where to apply it? It is best to put blush in the areas of the face within cheekbones, i.e. middle of each cheek.

The most important tip!

Remember to blend all the cosmetics for them to inter-blend with the skin and to make them mix with each other for more natural effect of contour and highlight.

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