Permanent make-up is quite popular beauty treatment. Yet more women want to have it to look pretty and elegant and save some of the time in the morning. However, is this beauty treatment good for everyone? Check below if you can have permanent make-up done.

What is permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up is a colouration of certain areas of the face with special pigment and with specialistic equipment. The treatment itself resembles of tattoo; colourant is forced under the skin to highlight contour of eyes and lips. And so, we can make a line on upper eyelids, fill deficits in brow-ridge or outline lips. You have to prepare yourself for a fact that it is expensive and time consuming beauty treatment. On the other hand, the effect lasts up to six months. However, right after the treatment (and for few next days) you can experience discomfort in guise of the pain, prickle, redness and lacrimation. If you decide to go along with the permanent make-up, choose professional parlour. Beauty specialist, who doesn’t posses enough practice or experience with such treatments can choose wrong colourant or damage the skin. Furthermore, you should find out who can and who cannot perform such treatment.

For whom permanent make-up?

Undoubtedly permanent make-up helps in saving some time, especially when in the morning we are in hurry for work or school. Thanks to the permanent make-up you don’t have to draw a line on an eyelids, do your brows or contour lips. What is more, you will look natural and pretty. Beauty specialist will choose right thickness and length of the line to the shape of the eyelid, but also right pigment colour for your lips. Additionally, permanent make-up will suit young girls as well as mature women. Permanent lines on eyelids or contour lips would be great choice for active women – they wouldn’t have to remove their make-up before each training. Be careful: if you are allergic sufferer or have sensitive skin or allergic to any of the pigment ingredients then you shouldn’t go for permanent make-up.