Isn’t all of us want smooth and beautiful skin? Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to take care of it properly. Every evening all we can think about is to dive under our duvets and don’t even have time to think about scrubs, massages, scented candles or counting the appropriate number of essential oils. So how should we take care of our skin?

In skincare we have to be systematic. Other wise our skin will be leathery and dry and epidermis will start flake and prickle. Start your skincare with hot bath; but remember that water can’t be too hot. You can add few slices of citrus, essential oils, bath bomb and some bubble bath. Hot bath opens pores, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes. All you need is 15 minutes, after that time you will feel more relaxed and your skin will be ready for further treatments.

During bath you can do some body scrub, it will help remove dead skin cells and germs in skin pores. It additionally tones up, smoothers and prevents hair from growing into the skin. For the scrub use a brush with soft hair, special glove or sponge and special bdy scrub product. Exfoliation fastens absorption of elements from cosmetics and makes our skin soft in touch.

During scrub or right after it perform massage; it has healthy properties, but you have to know how to do it properly. It is important to start massage from lower and then upper parts of the body and move towards the heart. Heals, knees and elbows you can massage more intensively, because skin on those parts of the body is much thicker, so you need to scrub it more thoroughly. What is more, massage helps in cellulite reduction.

Next step in skincare is face or body mask. We can buy it in the store or do it ourself. All you need to remember is that all ingredients have to be matched with skin type and its needs. We apply moisturising or cleansing face or body mask till pores are still open and body warmed-up after bath and stimulated after massage. This way all the elements will enter deeper parts of the skin.

After washing down the body mask it is best to moisturise our skin with the lotion or body butter. By applying this kind of cosmetics on our body we regenerate and tone-up our skin. For the treatment we need a thin layer of the cosmetic, that has to be distributed and we wait for it to absorb. Only now we can jump under our duvets.

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