The greatest attribute of any woman are long and beautiful hair. No wonder each one of us would like to take the best care of them. Modern market is supersaturated with hair products, which will nourish them very efficiently. However, it would be most beneficial for you to start at the bases. You don’t have to spend the fortune to do that. What you need are few trusty techniques you can apply at home. The main question here is how to take care of hair at home?

Start with balanced diet

What we eat has direct influence on cells in our body. The more junk food in our diet the highest chance our hair will loose their natural gloss. To undo all the bad effects and improve the quality of hair you need to add to your diet few high nutritious products. Most of all, food rich in zinc and silicon, like fish, seafood, bran, oat flakes, wholegrain and legumes (beans, broad bean, peas, lentils, etc.). Another important matter is to deliver sufficient levels of vitamins, most of all B vitamins, which you can find in nuts, groats, almonds, fresh vegetables, fruits and such. Good for your hair will also be if you eat carrot, orange, parsley, potatoes or spinach, which are rich in folic acid.

The importance of hydration

Very important for balanced diet is to maintain high level of water in your body, after all its 60% of your body weight. Properly hydrated organism is able to get rid of toxins much more efficiently and can guarantee improvement of hair cells. Natural spring water is a great source of silicon, which is main lumber of the hair that makes them thick and noticeably stronger. Hydration, next to balanced diet, is best thing you can do in a seclusion of your own household.

Apply home-made hair mask

The Internet is full of recipes for home-made hair masks. All of them are based on the great impact that natural products and their properties hold. The base of home-made mask should be olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, honey or coconut oil. Additional ingredients can be chose based on your need and necessity: eggs (mainly nutritious yolk), lemon juice, natural yoghurt or full-cream milk, nettle leaf (fresh or dried) or yeast. All of those ingredients will strengthen your hair and a combination of them in a hair mask may give additional effect. Your hair will be well-nourished, shiny and thick.

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