Make-up removal is inseparable element of the evening cleansing. All the cosmetics should be removed, so the skin could breath. Unfortunately, many women use incorrect products or rubs skin too intensively. Effect? Irritation, blackheads, dry skin. And all you need are natural cosmetics and new method of skincare.

Classical make-up removal

Taking care of the skin with natural cosmetics and natural methods became really popular lately. Why? Because ecological products don’t cause skin irritations, are taking a good care of the face and most of all, come from Mother Nature. Of course, every rule has an exception. People with hypersensitive skin and people with allergies have to be careful with some ingredients. But back to the make-up removal. Classical products for make-up removal, may cause irritations and dryness. What is more, they contain, not so likeable by us SLS, parabens, alcohol and heavy and oily substances. Furthermore, energetic rubbing of the face skin may lead to damages, and incorrect eye make-up removal for eyelashes loss and weakening.

What are the natural methods of make-up removal?

The most popular method is OCM, which is Oil Cleansing Method. In this method we cleanse our skin with oils in the right proportions. OCM is mainly focused on removing excess sebum and air pollution from the surface of the face. Oils dissolve dirt and cosmetics and nourish the skin. OCM is recommended for all skin types.

Face cleanse and make-up removal with Aleppo soap is yet another well known way of skincare. The soap has vegetable ingredients; in spite of it contains the same properties of classical soap. This cosmetic is handmade and also recommended for all skin types. Aleppo soap should be lather and then with the created foam wash the face and rinse with a cool water.

Make-up removal glove is very popular among women. It’s covered with soft fibres, which after moistening them with water remove make-up and air pollution off the face. The only downside of the glove is that it cannot be used longer then two months, and after each use it has to be washed and dried.

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