DIY products often turn out better than readymade cosmetics, plus they are easier on the pocket. Before making them, learn properties of different ingredients to suit them to your skin.

Why use a face toner?

A toner is an essential element of daily skin care. Whenever you remove make-up and cleanse the skin, you must also use the toner to restore the pH balance. The good news is you can make a natural face toner! Once you make it, never forget to use it daily. It will surely give the face a fresh look.

What does a face toner do?

Toners have an amazing effect on the skin. They focus on restoring the natural pH and shield against the bacteria. Giving up on a toner is a mistake. This product is actually one of the daily-care essentials.

Through balancing the pH, a toner makes the face fresh and clear. Feel free to reapply it during the day but remember that morning and evening application is the most important.

Toner vs skin type

  • A hydrating and nourishing toner is perfect for dry skin. It should hold ingredients such as lavender, milk, vitamin C, urea or hyaluronic acid.
  • Oily skin needs a mattifying and clarifying toner enriched with cucumber, salicylic acid or white willow extract.
  • Sensitive skin wants to be treated with a soothing toner. Ideally, it should contain camomile, panthenol, marine algae extract, rose water.
  • Use an exfoliating and antibacterial toner if your skin is spotprone. Melissa, pot marigold, green tea or lactic acid should be included in this formulation.

Homemade face toner. How to make one?

Green tea toner

Green tea toner has an antiaging, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, plus it’s extremely easy to make. It works well for acne, oily and dry skins. Steep the tea for ten minutes and use it for clarifying the skin once it cools down.

Chamomile toner

You need distilled water and dried chamomile flowers. Steep them for twenty minutes, drain, use the water as soon as it cools down. Chamomile regulates sebaceous glands and soothes irritations.

Apple toner

It’s common knowledge that apples are high in vitamins A, C and potassium. Cook the apples and mix the resulting water with witch-hazel water which has an astringent effect, alleviates the skin and eliminates acne. Apples, on the other hand, fresh the skin up.

Oat toner

The best toner for sensitive, dry skin since it has a hydrating effect, soothes inflammation and all kinds of irritations. Pour boiled water over the rolled oats and steep for 24 hours, stirring from time to time. Next, drain them. Use the water twice a week for wonderful effects.

Rose water

Mix two handfuls of rose petals with distilled water and simmer. After draining and cooling the mixture, your toner is ready. It perfectly strengthens the capillaries, evens out the skin tone and soothes irritations. It’s very gently, hydrating and alleviating the skin.

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