You just got out of the bed and you already look tired with those dark circles around your eyes after the restless night? Don’t worry! Fortunately, there exist great ways to look fresh. And the best part is that you can test all of them at home.

Fatigue, dark circles around the eyes and puffiness are a result of restless night. They deface our face, and what is more we have to cover them every morning with a quick make-up while racing against the time. What could help us? If you really don’t have time for the morning preparations then use one of those two advices. Lean forward, so the head would be closer to the knees. You don’t have to be made of gum to do that; you just need to bend down a little in the waist. As a result, blood is flowing faster down to the head and ventilates epidermis cells. Your skin will become more pink and radiant. Second method is about right clothes choice. When your tired, don’t wear black blouses, but some that have shade closer to your skin complexion. It will make you look rested and full of energy.

If you have some more time in the morning then try other ways of refreshing your skin. Face wash in the water with the ice cubes will boost blood circulation and you will feel awaken and relaxed. Your skin will be pink, regenerated and easy. Remember that exercises, especially those in the fresh air, are not only good for burning calories. Movement ventilates skin cells, helps in cleansing the body from the toxins (they are removed along with the sweat) and elevates endorphins levels. Everyday drink at least one litre of water to hydrate the body and delay the ageing processes. Hydrated skin looks younger and more beautiful. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water right after you wake up on an empty stomach. This way you will boost your metabolism. What other way you can get rid of dark circles around the eyes after restless night? Put two spoons in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then lay them onto the skin in the eyes area and on the eyelids. Blood circulation will improve, dark circles and puffiness will disappear and skin will look fresh and radiant.

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