Do you use foundation everyday? Do you think that you already know everything there is to know about its application? Correctly applied foundation should cover all imperfections, wrinkles and dry skin. Choosing the perfect colour is all then. We want to introduce to you four most common mistakes in foundation application. Do you make them as well?

1. Skipping make-up base

Why using make-up base if foundation itself is a base of the make-up and will be additionally preserved with loose powder? Very often we skip make-up base in everyday make-up, because we think that moisturising cream efficiently prepares skin for foundation. In case of oily skin with tendency to acne and blackheads it is recommended to use as little number of cosmetics as possible. However, dry skin should be properly hydrated with oily make-up bases, which will add some radiation and level dry skin.

2. Excessive amount of foundation

The more foundation the better cover? There is nothing more wrong than that. No foundation will cover better if we increase its amount on our face. Don’t fool yourself. Good foundation should equalise the complexion after one layer, because the more product we apply the more visible will become wrinkles and dry skin. Minimalism is advisable in case of the foundation, because only thin layer that was well distributed on the face will inter-blend with the skin and give desirable effect.

3. Application of the foundation with the fingers

In some online tutorial made by some vlogger you heard that application with the fingers is the quickest method? Wrong. The time you saved on the direct application of the foundation with your fingers isn’t worth it, because it won’t look as good as you would want it to. Apply foundation with the brush or a sponge designed for this cosmetic, it will give natural effect and smoothly distribute on the face. Net result will be much better than if you would apply foundation with your fingers.

4. Wrong shade of foundation

The best we saved for last. The problem that many of us have (and know about it). The biggest mistake while testing the foundation is application on the top of the hand or wrist – both won’t give good results. The best place to test foundation is the jawline, because foundation needs to match the skin complexion of the face and the neck. Such tests is best to perform at home in the day light with samples of the products.

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