You need more then one brush

Does this rule seem strange to you? It shouldn’t though. Surely while visiting beautician you have noticed that she had plenty of different make-up brushes in various shapes and sizes. She needs all those brushes for applying, blending and mixing eye shadows. However, you will need only four make-up brushes. With a flat one you apply eyeshadow on an entire eyelid; match a size of brush with a shape of your eyelid. Another thing you need is an applicator to draw lines on your eyelids and apply eyeliner. Bristle should be cut flat or in point – choose shape according to your skills. Yet another, very important matter in eye make-up is blending eye shadows. For this you need special brushes with round tip. For crease you have to have round brush.

Wet application of eye shadows

Most women have no idea about this little make-up trick, but it gives amazing effects. Colours are more intense and your look deeper. Wet application gives best results with loose or pressed eye shadows. You can use this technique to apply brocade and highlighter as well. Nevertheless, cream eye shadows can become fluid and cause more problems then it’s worth. How to use wet application? All you need is to moist the brush and deep it in the product. Then you can start your eye make-up: classical or smoky eyes.

Eyeliner is necessary

You can enhance eyeshadow with matt eyeliner or pencil. It doesn’t have to be precise line, because you are going to spread it in order to blend the edges with eyeshadow. Best effects will give black or brown eyeliner. Those two colours will look good even with light eye shadows.

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