Dyeing, stylisation with heat, heavy cosmetics – all of that leads to hair damage and worsening the condition of head’s skin. As a result appears dandruff, sebaceous glands generate excess sebum and hair start to fall out, loose their glow and are dry. Fortunately, there is a way to regenerate those damaged streaks. The answer is regenerating hair mask.

Hair mask – the most important rules

In hair regeneration with masks there are few very important rules. First of all, estimate type and condition of your hair. Based on those informations you will match properties of the cosmetic, and then you’ll be able to observe its progress. Secondly, very important is to be systematic. Regular application of the mask on a hair will noticeably improve their condition. Thirdly, if you apply hair mask on a foul hair it won’t give any results. Before regeneration treatment, wash your hair, and then start rebuilding damaged streaks. Fourthly, follow instructions placed on the label. You are not omniscient, so it would be better for you (and your hair) if you follow instructions on the label. Fifthly, put on plastic cap and a towel on a head after hair mask application. It will enhance mask’s properties and hair regeneration.

Hair mask DIY

What kind of hair mask is the best? To those most popular belong masks with the Argan oil or keratin. Other then that, very popular is home-made hair mask with the Argan oil and egg yolk. Mix all the ingredients and apply on the head’s skin for about 15 to 30 minutes. After this time wash your hair with some light shampoo. Thanks to the mask your hair will be smooth, shiny and nourished, and what is more important they become stronger, regenerated and moisturised.

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