Did you know that junsei means perfect in Japanese? Yoskine wants us to look like this, and that is why they prepared anti-wrinkle cosmetics Junsei Anti – Age. How can those cosmetics help our skin?

Junsei Anti – Age from Yoskine is dedicated for women in age 30+, i.e. with mature skin. In this line can be found: lifting day cream, conditioning day and night cream, regenerative night cream, smoothing-beautifying eye cream and serum for face, neck and cleavage. You’ll recognise those products after their red and white packagings and jars in shape of tears.

Cosmetics Junsei Anti – Age from Yoskine contain snow algae extract. This ingredient is responsible for young appearance of skin, protects it against sun radiation and pollution of external world. What is more, it provides tone up, restoration of skin structure, even skin complexion, reduction of wrinkles and discolourations and deep moisture. Products from Yoskine eliminate dark circles around eyes and puffiness, improve skin elasticity and fix face oval.

How should you use Junsei Anti – Age? If you really want to have pretty and healthy skin, then you should use all (or most) of Yoskine products. It is best to apply it on cleansed skin of face, neck and cleavage. You can perform face mask, scrub or massage prior to application of Yoskine cosmetics. Small amount of day or night cream tap in with finger tips and wait for it to absorb. Eye cream apply in a similar manner. Nonetheless, remember to apply it also on the entire eyelid and on brow ridge. Serum for face, neck and cleavage start at the base of neck and finish at chin and jaw. This way you’ll smoother and tone up skin.

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