Every woman’s beauty bag houses minimum two mascaras. One product for a go-to, subtle make-up and the other one for the big night out being able to create mind-blowing eyelash length and thickness as well as add panoramic volume. Wouldn’t it be better to have one mascara which is able to deliver both a romantic and dramatic look? Lashcode is such a multitasking mascara which additionally regenerates eyelashes. It is a product which works like a private make-up artist – ideally matches your needs, mood and expectations.

One mascara, two effects – how does Lashcode Mascara work?

Lashcode is a mascara which is cut out for a daily make-up – thanks to the product, your lashes get a stunning, romantic look with just one coat. Eyelashes are precisely separated, lengthened, lifted and dark. It is owed to a comfy silicone-bristle wand which has been designed to comb, separate and coat even the shortest lashes.

If you desire your lashes to be spectacular, thicker, fuller and extremely long – thanks to Lashcode, you can upgrade the effect of your make-up. The spiral lets you apply a few coats – without clumping or sticking. The mascara glides on lashes effortlessly thanks to the velvety, slightly-powdery consistency which evenly coats each lash. As a result, next layers intensify the effect, defining the beauty of each one. You can easily get a dramatic look – no clumping, flaking, smudging.

Lashcode is an exceptionally long-wear mascara – it lasts for long hours, doesn’t flake or get on eyelids, coming off easily during make-up removal at the same time. There is no need for strong products which could irritate the fragile eyelid skin.

Lashcode – a mascara infused with nutritional ingredients

There’s more to the mascara than the versatile, buildable make-up. The way the mascara cares for lashes matters, too. Most commercially-available products skip the issue of eyelash care and protection of these tiny hairs.

Lashcode is the only mascara which contains valuable plant extracts (Soy, Wheat and Baical Skullcap Root Extracts), vitamins B5 and E, a natural amino acid (Arginine) which takes part in the synthesis of collagen. Thanks to their content, not only does Lashcode provide pigmentation and make-up but also improves the condition of eyelashes:

  • reinforces lashes and intensifies growth
  • saves from damage
  • enhances the condition of lash bulbs
  • protects from excessively falling-out lashes
  • strengthens eyelash elasticity
  • rebuilds microdamage on the lash stem
  • locks moisture in
  • keeps lashes hydrated
  • adds shine and smoothes the structure of each lash
  • stimulates lash growth
  • protects from harmful UV radiation
  • protects from damage, poor condition and loss of volume

Stunning lashes and the finest care – a new dimension in make-up. Not only does Lashcode give an immediate lash regeneration but also makes the lashes amaze with a romantic look, length and curl or an extreme definition. Lashcode Mascara makes a beautiful composition with both nude style and a wild smokey eye. 

product website: lashcode.us

14 Comments “Flawless Go-To Make-Up or a Dramatic Look? Have it All with Lashcode Mascara!”

  1. Babe24

    Loooooove this mascara. I recently felt like trying a different one but ended up repurchasing lashcode :D

  2. American_girl

    I got a chance to try this mascara recently and it’s really great :)

  3. Elle11

    I love this shade of black <3

  4. Elle11

    It’s been a long time since I got so positively surpised by a new cosmetic arrival :)

  5. Tiaa

    Brilliant mascara, especially for for lashes damaged due to extensions. It moisturizes, has really valuable ingredients.

  6. Lady B

    it has quite cool brush but I think I’m going to stay with my favorite

  7. Anabelle

    I haven’t tested this one yet but your reviews tell me I must give it a shot :D

  8. Jenny32

    The resulting look is really charming – long and curled lashes all day.

  9. Izabel

    I’ve never heard of this mascara but I’d love to test it :)

  10. SilkyRose

    The mascara is simply mind-blowing!! Perfect separaton and extension, it lasts very long, neither flakes off nor gets on eyelids.

  11. Heily

    Too bad it hasn’t become my favorite :/

  12. Pam

    Flawless mascara! My lashes look mind-blowing! :)

  13. Merrry

    My lashes get along with this mascara, it doesn’t give striking false lash look but it’s really nice ;)

  14. Lily

    used it, recommend it :)


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