Age Fitness Eye Advanced under eye cream by Biotherm Homme is recommended for mature skin care, which has noticeable dark circles and sagging under eyes. Owning to extracts of blue and green micro-algae, the cosmetic takes care of skin in a complex way. When it comes to the micro-algae, these are species of algae living only in clean water. In Asian culture, micro-algae are widely-used not only as a diet supplement but also as a healing plant. What is more, they contain unsaturated fatty acids as well as many precious chemical compounds. Micro-algae are a source of this kind of proteins that are easily absorbed by a human organism. Additionally, they are rich in C, E and B vitamins.

Thanks to presence of micro-algae in Age Fitness Eye Advanced by Biotherm Homme, the cream has highly positive influence over skin. The product has moisturizing and firming action. It smooths wrinkles, reduces dark circles under eyes, eliminates swellings, and highlights skin around eyes. Additionally, the cosmetic reduces signs of fatigue and helps with counteracting dehydrated epidermis. How should Age Fitness Eye Advanced by Biotherm Homme be applied? The cosmetic is supposed to be applied morning and/or evening or as frequently as required. Obviously, each application has to be done on cleansed skin (without any residues of makeup or other cosmetics on). Suffice to distribute small amount of the product right under lower eyelids and pat it using fingertips. Such massage helps all nourishing substances get deep into skin, improves blood circulation of epidermis, makes skin more elastic and firm again.

It is obvious that the cream itself is not enough to regain beautiful skin around eyes. Our care routine plays also an important role in eliminating fine lines. If we would like remove dark circles under eyes, get rid of dull and fatigued skin, we should break some of our habits. To demonstrate, it is a good idea to consume more vegetables and fruit, which are the best possible source of vitamins and minerals. What is more, consumption of adequate amounts of water is also essential for proper working of a human organism. Additionally, it is crucial to cut down on using stimulants like alcohol, avoid stress situations as well as protect skin against impurities that come from external environment.

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