There is nothing more relaxing than warm and aromatic bath after long day of work or tiring travel. Calming moment just for you with fragrance candles and relaxing music in the background. Moisturising and bubbly bath bombs are true must have in every bathroom. Don’t worry you do not have to spend small fortune on them, you can make them your own!

What do we need to make bubbly bath muffins?

  • 200 grams of baking soda,
  • 100 grams of citric acid,
  • 2 table spoons of potato starch,
  • 2 table spoons of coconut oil (cold-pressed),
  • 30 grams of olive oil,
  • vanilla sugar (or vanilla pod),
  • food colouring (or other non-toxic one),
  • aroma, essential oil or flavouring,
  • muffins casts (silicon or paper).

Cookie Bath – Bubbly Bath Muffins 1How to prepare bubbly bath muffins?

Bath muffins aren’t difficult to make. After ad-measuring all the necessary ingredients for ethereal cookies, we can start mixing. First we mix together baking soda, citric acid and potato starch (or cornflour, but it has to be one or another, because it is starch that is responsible for muffins to float on water). To those loose ingredients we can add olive oil and coconut oil (firstly melted over water bath or steam). Mix it until it will remain wet sand in its consistence.

Depending on what kind of muffins we want (mono or bicolour), we can skip dividing the mass. If you want bicolour muffins, then few spoons of plain mass put away in a separate bowl and add vanilla sugar to it (or crumbled vanilla pod). Remaining mass stir with food colouring in chosen colour and essential oil.

Last step is making the muffin shaped bath bombs. We put the coloured mass to cast in about 3/4 of its height. The best would be silicon or paper casts, because then it is easier to get them out. Make sure they have a patchy edges, then our muffins will become really charming. On compacted coloured mass we put rest of vanilla mass. We knead everything in the cast as tight as it is possible. Put our bath muffins away for several hours and then take them out of their casts. Ready!

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