You never seen nothing quite like that! Face cleansing mud. Is it a good way for our face care, or maybe just another manufacturers idea on making us spend some money? Glamglow brand gives us the answer in the form of the Powercleanse™ Daily Dual Cleanser foam.

As it turns out mud has some pretty valuable properties. It conteins many minerals, micro-elements and cleansing substances responsible for nutrition and anti-ageing effect. It removes all the toxins, dead skin cells and cleans pores. Additionally, the mud softens irritations and inflammations of the skin, while toning up and smoothing it in the meantime. You can find it very helpful in case of psoriasis, acne, extensive sebum excreting or atopic dermatitis. What is most interesting, mud is excellent for compressions used in rheumatism. Those are effects that Glamglow count on while launching cleansing foam with mud content. Product was enriched with oils, but don’t worry it won’t change its consistence or durability.

How is it possible?

The mud and oil in the Powercleanse™ Daily Dual Cleanser’s bottle are separated for maximum stored power. The bottle has a pigeon-hole so the mud and oil have separate little bottles with separate applicators. By pressing the pump we get one dose of product (both mud and oil), which is enough for face cleanse. Add some water, mix it and apply on the skin. Perform facial massage in circulating motion, and wash out.

What is so special in the Powercleanse™ Daily Dual Cleanser foam from Glamglow?

Combination of mud and oil has remarkable properties. Firstly, removes all toxins, sebum and make-up, even waterproof cosmetics. Secondly, skin is fresh, smooth and well-nourished. Thirdly, it creates the lipid layer that protects our skin from sun radiation and pollution. Fourthly, our face is protected by not only mud but also mandarin and pear oil, kaolin, rice, soy and oats extract. Maybe wallowing in the mud isn’t such a bad idea.

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