Clean skin is the core of healthy and pretty look. Therefore, everyday makeup removal and skin toning is so essential. Guerlain wants to help us with this morning and bedtime routine by launching Cleansing Foaming Face Cream Secret de Purete.

Skin cleansing is a must

During a day skin is exposed to plenty of irritating factors. Among them are the ones which cause a kind of allergic reactions while the others are responsible for clogging skin pores. In most cases, we women are the ones who should take the blame for damaging delicate layer of epidermis. And we do this straight after getting out of our beds. How it is possible? For example, we use too many (often of aggressive action) cosmetics for our morning routine. Some of the products simply wear down the protective layer of skin, which results in faster penetration of impurities and damaging features deep into skin. What are other ways in which we contribute to irritation and acne development? For example, we tend to use too dense and too heavy foundations, which clog skin pores. Nowadays, there is this makeup trend which encourages women to apply several various colour cosmetics at once. But whose skin is going to handle all these layers? Plenty of mistakes are also made during evening routine. We forget or even deliberately resign from applying moisturizing, easing and caring products on skin around eyes. So what should be done in order to make our face skin clean and healthy?

Cleansing Foaming Face Cream Secret de Purete by Guerlain

Guerlain brand knows the answer to this question. Our skin will be healthy and pretty once we apply Cleansing Foaming Face Cream Secret de Purete. This cosmetic is good at removing makeup, excess of sebum and other impurities that happened to gather throughout a day. What is more, the product has comfortable applicator thanks to which we are able to squeeze out as much of the cosmetic as is needed for single session of skin cleansing. The foaming cream has to be combined with water and then massaged into face. Skin becomes soft, smooth and moistured right after application of Secret de Purete. It is suggested giving face a massage just to improve blood circulation in skin cells, which facilitates relaxation.

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