Baldness caused by cancer is a problematic matter. It appears mostly as a result of chemotherapy treatment, and not directly because of cancer. Contrary to common opinion, baldness is not reserved only to hair. During and after treatment is experienced also lashes and brows loss as well as hair loss in other parts of the body. There is a solution even to this sort of problem. One of propositions for eyelash care is Nanolash eyelash enhancing serum.

Chemotherapy is often the best approach in cancer treatment. Unfortunately, it has its side effects, which are difficult to accept. The result of intensive treatment is usually excess hair loss, that starts by the end of second week of chemotherapy. Depending on the predisposition, the problem can evolve slowly, but also hair can begin to fall out rapidly and in large amounts. It is the same for eyebrows and eyelashes. Some people will experience almost entire lashes loss, for some eyelashes will only be weak and some patients will never have to deal with this side effect.

It is worth to mention that hair loss after chemotherapy is reversible. To be true, hair can fall out even up to one month after finished treatment. However, despite all they start to grow back on their own after few weeks from successfully finished treatment. Nonetheless, this process is extremely tiresome, long and exhausting. Significantly weaken after chemotherapy eyelashes, because that is the main subject, can grow back really slowly and almost imperceptibly. It happens that lashes gain some length, but they never go back to the length from before chemotherapy. The difference can be visible also in a structure, colour and thickness of the lash.

The best way to improve condition of hair and accelerate its regeneration after chemotherapy is use of eyelash growth serum. It should always be consulted with the doctor, because each patient who survived cancer, needs different approach and support. Keep in mind that weakening of organism can make eye area more sensitive. It means that even best eyelash serum may not be right in the particular case. Nevertheless, Nanolash eyelash serum, which is one of the safest on the market, deserves a try.

Opinions about Nanolash unanimously indicate that it is serum that helped lots of people with lashes loss after chemotherapy. Certainly, product with such an innovative composition, safe formula and easy application will not do any harm to the eyelashes. Group of specialists spend hours on improving the product. As a result of it, Nanolash is an ally in the fight for beautiful, healthy and expressive eyelashes. Thanks to products like this one it is easier to believe that effects of cancer and its treatment can be reversed. It is proven that Nanolash serum can regenerate even the most resilient lashes. However, it is important to remember that the effect will be different for everyone, because of different susceptibility of organism to action of active substances.

nanolashIs Nanolash serum safe for people after chemotherapy?

Everyone who finished cancer treatment can try properties of Nanolash serum without fear. It is recommended to consult the doctor before the use, but at the same time you can be sure that product’s formula is fully safe. Clients of this brand agree that Nanolash is effective and causes no harm. The composition of cosmetic is clear and as you know the effectiveness lies in quality not the amount. First place takes stimulating eyelash growth ingredient, and right behind it are substances with conditioning properties and eyebright extract that calms irritations and inflammations. It is a perfect combination, that in natural and safe way stimulates follicles to more effective work. Lashes grow back stronger than ever.

First effects are visible after first two weeks or a month, though this time may extend. It all depends on how chemotherapy damaged lashes and how weaken is the organism. It will be easier for properties of Nanolash to influence lashes if application is performed on make-up free, clean and dry eyelids. Colourless Nanolash serum should be applied on upper lashes line with the a thin brush. Remember that every impurity makes it harder for active substances to reach follicles and slower action of serum. Significant quality of Nanolash is that this eyelash conditioner is quick and easy in use. However, there needs to be preserved regularity of everyday use.

Price cannot be overlooked here. One packaging of Nanolash is a cost of 69 USD plus additional cost of delivery. If you buy more than one piece, the price is lower. Despite of it all, 7 GBP a month (serum lasts for 6 months) is not a high price for the return of beautiful and healthy lashes after chemotherapy. Effects of cancer treatment are not the pleasant one, so every way of limiting those is worth it. You should think about introducing Nanolash eyelash serum in your everyday conditioning if this problem is also yours.

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