SKIN79 is a relatively new brand that can be found in vanity bags of almost all women. I have a set of BB cosmetics of this brand in my drawer as well. Today I’d like to introduce the comparison of colours and formulas of SKIN79 BB products, so that the choice of Korean ideal wouldn’t cause any more troubles! I invite you to read this review.

Korean manufacturer of popular BB creams in his offer has few propositions and the gamut of products constantly changes, increases or decreases. However, some of the SKIN79 BB creams are worth introduction, because they have a fixed place in the offer of the brand and in my drawer.

Hot Pink BB

The most popular out of SKIN79 products is dedicated for oily and combination skin prone to discolourations. Cream’s formula gives natural, powder make-up finish. It is as universal that it matches skin complexion and perfectly blends with skin. Enriched with UV filters, but also highlighting and anti-wrinkles ingredients. I love Hot Pink BB, because it works for my skin.


Another cream of the brand is dedicated for dry and combination skin. On my skin it has less covering properties than the previous cream, but it moisturises pretty well. It can be used as an equivalent of both moisturising cream and foundation. Not without reason it is second most popular product of SKIN79.

Super Perfection BB

Third of SKIN79 BB creams is an universal solution, prepared by brand for all skin types. It has highly covering properties that is why I use it occasionally, because I don’t need it for my not so bad skin. According to the manufacturer it provides UV protection, highlights and prevents first ageing signs.

Dream Girls BB

I came upon this cream by accident, because I rather wouldn’t buy it myself. It is dedicated for delicate skin of teenagers that is prone to irritations and acne. I think that SKIN79 BB cream will work not only on the young skin, but also for everyone with acne problem. It doesn’t consist of anti-wrinkles or whitening properties, because it is dedicated for UV protection and normalisation of sebum secretion.

Besides four presented by me BB creams, SKIN79 has in their offer many more options – Intense Classic BB, Diamond BB, Oriental Gold BB and many more.

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