Institute Solutions cosmetics by dr Irena Eris are categorised into three series: Neuro Filler, Lifting and Radiance. Each of the category answer other women’s needs.

The products from Institute Solutions Neuro Filler are recommended to apply when nerve impulses, responsible for rejuvenating and stimulating action, stop getting to skin cells. As a result, process of collagen production is significantly less effective, which leads to skin ageing and wrinkles development. Institute Solutions Neuro Filler collection is composed of the following cosmetics: Face Contour Perfecting Day Cream SPF 20, Skin Matrix Renewal Night Cream and Eye Area Rejuvenating Cream. Thanks to regular application, face skin appearance is visibly improved. Wrinkles become smaller, skin turns into being way smoother, more tautened and elastic. What is more, face gains protection from the sun. And what is probably the most important, complexion becomes deeply moisturized.

Institute Solutions Lifting cosmetics focus on skin rejuvenating and firming action. They are designed having with mature skin in mind. This include complexion evincing first signs of ageing. Institute Solutions Lifting cosmetics can be also used as products facilitating intensive anti-wrinkle treatment. The cosmetics that compose this collection are: Perfect Anti-wrinkle Day Cream SPF 20, High Restore Night Cream as well as Express Lift Day Serum. Thanks to them, face skin restores youthful look, oval of face is noticeably improved as skin becomes more tauten. Additionally the products from Institute Solutions Lifting collection provide nourishment, regeneration and smoothing. If we would like our face to look stunning all the time, we have to maintain regularity of dr Irena Eris products’ application.

Institute Solutions Radiance products have highlighting and revitalizing features. They are recommended for women who struggle with skin discolorations as well as dull and lacking of radiance complexion. Their main task is evening skin tone. This collection is composed of the following products: Ideal Smooth Day Cream SPF 20, Intense Repair Night Cream and Instant Bright Day Serum. All the cosmetics have highlighting and skin evening features. Working of these products provides skin with fresh and radiant look. Sun-induced pigmentation marks (caused by taking long sunbaths) or acne marks simply disappear thanks to Institute Solutions Radiance by dr Irena Eris.