Every third woman says she has problems applying flawless eyelash make-up. Why is that so? There are a few reasons but you can fix the problem with 5 tips for spectacularly long, thick lashes. Let’s apply make-up which stuns!

Camouflaging the imperfections and enhancing the assets seem to be the biggest role of make-up. As far as lashes go, we want to make them longer, thicker and fuller. What to do when mascara doesn’t cooperate and lashes don’t look well even after applying three layers?


Step 1 Use eyelash serum

Day-to-day care is fundamental if you want stunning lashes. Even the best mascara won’t work wonders if lashes are short, thin or sparse. A good lash serum is a remedy which, used regularly, strengthens lash follicles, stimulates growth, and thickens eyelashes. You can use castor oil instead of serum but it’s thick and harder to apply, plus it doesn’t work as intensively.

Step 2 Choose good mascara

The choice of suitable mascara plays a big role too. There are different products which have a lengthening or thickening effect, working well or not giving any improvement. While choosing your mascara, make sure it gets positive reviews posted by users. A good product should be easy to apply and last you long, give deep color, thicken, and lengthen lashes after applying one layer, and naturally should stay on all day. Only such products can give you fabulous lashes. Tip: pick mascara enriched with conditioning substances so that it nourishes and revitalizes the lashes while you wear it.

Step 3 Mascara brush does matter!

Formula isn’t the only thing that is crucial in a mascara. A brush is important for the effect you want to create so check the material and shape. Silicone-bristle brushes work best because they are flexible and ideally match the eye shape. Different length of bristles and slightly narrowed tip of the brush allow us to apply the product on the corner lashes easily. Pay attention to the size of the brush and make sure it is neither too big nor too small to avoid troublesome application.

Step 4 Apply some loose powder before mascara

Applying some primer is a popular trick used by professional make-up artists. Such product adds volume to lashes, makes application of mascara easier and enhances the effects. You don’t need to get extra products, though. Sprinkle the lashes with some translucent loose powder to make them fuller, thicker and bolder. It’s best to use it after applying the first mascara coating and before the second one.

Step 5 Apply mascara like a pro

Is applying mascara problematic? Maybe you use wrong technique? The technique is essential to get the desired effect. Using the zigzag motion moving the brush to both sides and spreading the product evenly from roots to tips are the best way of applying mascara. Sometimes one layer may prove too little, and skipping the corner or lower lashes makes the lashes look much worse.

That’s all! Use these 5 tips for fabulous lashes on a daily basis if you want to look and feel better.

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