The upcoming spring will be full of colourful stylisations, as it usually happens after restrained colours of winter. It is worth to know, which colours like each other and what accessories will fit the stylisation. But it’s not all! Helpful maybe knowledge on how to combine colourful clothes with nail polish shades. Read more below.

Wrong colour that won’t fit colouristic stylisation is not a good idea and it can ruin the entire effect. On contrary, they are always visible, so knowing few simple rules of combining manicure with fashion can come helpful. The worst idea for upcoming season will be combination of bright colours with white clothes. What will be trendy?

  • White + Beige manicure

Natural combinations are always trendy. White stylisation doesn’t like any contrasting nail polishes, so the best choice is nude, soft pink or warm brown manicure.

  • Mint + sea-green manicure

Mint stylisation can be found in almost every wardrobe. In this case best are strong contrasts. Light and cold mint will work perfectly with green in darker shades, blue or sea-green.

  • Marine stripes + red manicure

Who said that red nails work only with a black dress? Clothes in marine style love red manicure. If you want to draw attention, then try juicy red or orange. Other wise best will be nail polish in red colour with shades of pink.

  • Sky blue + grey and claret manicure

All stylisations in shades of blue will perfectly look with two options: manicure in shade of red wine, claret and burgundy or in contrasting grey.

  • Dusky pink + white or pastel manicure

In case of dusky pink, still fashionable in upcoming season, you should quite contrasts and try subtle colours. The most dangerous option is a creamy white (it is better to avoid snow-white nail polishes), and the bravest combination will be dusky pink with pastel lime.