The 3 Best-Rated Brow Pens. Which Ones Are Worth Choosing?
Want to do your brow makeup like a pro? Check out our top 3 picks for the best brow pens on the beauty market!

Good brow makeup is the key if you want to achieve a professional and elegant look. Your brows have the power to bring out the beauty of your eyes. To look flawless every time, you need a long-wear and foolproof product. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 3 most attention-worthy brow pens.



Nanobrow Microblading Pen

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It’s our top 1 pick and a favorite of Internet users and professional makeup artists worldwide. What makes it so special? It allows you to create ultra-thin lines that deceptively resemble real brow hairs. As a result, your makeup will always look bold yet natural at the same time. This eyebrow pen is inspired by the microblading technique, one of the methods of durable brow makeup. However, there’s no need for this invasive procedure at all! The Nanobrow precision brow pen camouflages gaps and sparse areas for the ultimate volume f your arches. The waterproof formula works in all weather conditions. This brow pen leaves the brows looking always elegant and perfected. Nanobrow Microblading Pen was created to fill the gaps in the eyebrows and create a three-dimensional and natural look. You can forget about keep checking your look in the mirror nervously. From now on, you can be sure your eyebrows are in good hands. The Nanobrow brow pen is easy to apply, which is one of the reasons it has so many fans. All it takes is to fill in the areas where you want more fullness with short strokes. This way you can create thin and precise lines that mimic real brow hairs. For a bolder effect, simply add more hair-like strokes. Intensify the results depending on the occasion and your mood. Do your brow makeup like a pro with the Nanobrow eyebrow pen!


Diego dalla Palma Microblading Eyebrow Pen

This brow pen is a true innovation! Like its predecessor, it was designed to mimic the effect of microblading. Although it doesn’t produce such spectacular results, it is definitely an attention-worthy product. The special thin tip allows you to draw ultra-thin lines that mimic real brows. This product is perfect for women who struggle with sparse and almost invisible eyebrows and want to improve their appearance quickly and effortlessly. This professional brow pen lets you create brow looks for any occasion. When you start filling in your brows with it, hold the pen diagonally to achieve defined yet natural-looking eyebrows. Start from the center, move outward and apply light pressure to mimic the natural brow shape. Want to make your eyebrows even fuller? Simply add more hair-like strokes.


Milk Makeup Kush Triple Brow Pen

KUSH Triple Brow Pen is surprising. The curved 3-prong brow pen fills in any gaps and sparse areas easily and quickly. It produces the effect of the ultimate brow volume, which dazzles everyone. There’s no need to worry about creating an exaggerated look. By reaching for this brow pen, you can be sure your brows will always look flawless. It’s a slightly lighter pigmented option than the others, but you are free to build up the coverage and create the look you want. Milk Makeup’s eyebrow pen combines brow care and styling in one, as it contains hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, and aloe vera in its formula – all to moisturize and nourish the sensitive brow area. It’s a vegan-friendly product, with no animal-derived ingredients. We are sure you’ll like this brow pen.