revitalash_tubeRevitaLash Advanced is a brand that keeps its products in a similar design. Apart from mixing silver and navy blue, there are no special features. RevitaLash doesn’t look any different from many other eyelash care products. Maybe there’s something inside the bottle that makes RevitaLash outstanding?


How does it work?

Originally, the serum was meant for people who had lost their lashes due to cancer treatment. RevitaLash eyelash enhancer boosts eyelash growth and prevents eyelash loss. It is composed of plant extracts rich in antioxidants enhanced by unsaturated fatty acids. It is enough for making your lashes stronger and stimulating their growth. Only regular use of RevitaLash Serum delivers longer and stronger lashes so it is a good choice for women who will remember about the application.

Applicator and use.

No surprises when it comes to the applicator. RevitaLash eyelash enhancer has a standard, thin brush made of synthetic bristles. Applying a thick serum shouldn’t pose a problem for those who regularly put on make-up. Others will probably learn how to do it after several applications. RevitaLash Serum will work only if you use it systematically, in small quantities, applying it to the precisely cleansed skin of the eyelids.

Extra info

The price of RevitaLash is quite high, regardless of the capacity you choose. The serum has been dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. You can use Revitalash Advanced if you wear eyelash extensions but it isn’t recommended for eyebrows. If you want to make your brows fuller, you must also get RevitaBrow, a separate eyebrow enhancing serum. Full care isn’t the motto of the product.

Most frequently mentioned benefits:

– available in compact version,
– simple application,
– combination of natural and synthetic ingredients.

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