nanolash_tubeThere are no two ways about it: Nanolash eyelash enhancer is the prettiest and best designed eyelash serum. It looks fancy due to an intensely black matte bottle decorated with a simple logo. The tube is secured with a small cardboard box. They make a great match. There’s more treasure captured inside the bottle. Find out why Nanolash eyelash enhancer is the best one.


How does it work

Nanolash eyelash enhancer is the only product providing such a complex action. Most of all, it perfectly matches the natural life cycle of your lashes thus stimulates growth after the first use. On the other hand, it’s not an ordinary eyelash serum boosting growth. Nanolash nourishes, moisturises and strengthens your lashes from the roots to the ends, and inhibits falling out. It provides elasticity and shine so the eyelashes are both longer and more beautiful. Nanolash eyelash enhancer also boosts volume and makes the lashes thicker. If you use the serum systematically, you’ll see so called baby lashes because Nanolash stimulates even the bulbs that have been non-activated so far. Consequently, your eyes gain definition whereas the lash line is fuller without eyelash extensions. Interestingly, Nanolash eyelash enhancer works as a protective shield that coats your eyelashes with a velvety layer. It prevents breakage and brittleness and protects against harmful external factors.

Applicator and Use

The applicator is typical yet works amazing. Nanolash eyelash enhancer has been designed to get into the place where it’s most needed. That’s why it has a light consistency and is quickly absorbed right after the application. The eyeliner-like brush is made of a very delicate bristle. The serum doesn’t stay on the brush but it’s precisely spread on the lash line, using one stroke. That is the reason why Nanolash eyelash enhancer delivers maximum effectiveness and best results. The only condition is the regular application: every day, after make-up removal, before bed time. You will easily get used to such a method of application. It takes less than 60 seconds.

Extra info

The excellent composition of Nanolash is worth mentioning. It includes natural substances (e.g. Eyebright Extract) that are safe for your eyelashes, nourish them and stimulate from the inside. It is a cruelty-free, dermatologically and allergically tested product recommended by consumers all over the world. What is important, Nanolash eyelash enhancer is suitable for eyebrow care so you don’t need any extra product for the brows. The competitive price is adequate to the quality and benefits offered by the serum.

Most frequently mentioned benefits:

– tackles all eyelash problems,
– natural ingredients delivering full action,
– instantly absorbed thanks to the lightweight formula,
– available online,
– suitable for eyebrow care,
– maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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