The popularity of hybrids is connected to creation of many untrue theories and wrong entries associated with it. Hybrid manicure has its followers and opponents, that is how the difference in opinions came to life. It is time to deal with all the myths about hybrids and provide some clarity on this matter. Here are four myths on hybrid manicure. Do you know them? Or maybe you believed in those?

MYTH 1. Hybrid manicure damages nail plate

You tried hybrid manicure and your nails became weak, brittle and highly damaged? Do you think it’s all because of the hybrid manicure? Wrong. Well performed hybrid manicure isn’t harmful to the nail plate. Damages can appear only if manicure was executed incorrectly. Unnecessary dusting of nail plate before application of nail polish, remove of nail polish by filing (instead of dissolving it), low quality nail polish of unknown brand – it all has damaging influence on nails. No wonder that after such incompetently performed treatment your nails are weight down. For nail plate damage contributes also… another of the myths.

MYTH 2. Hybrid manicure can be worn non-stop

Every nail needs some time to take a rest from hybrid manicure and to regenerate. Professional who performs nails treatments will inform you that nails have to rest from hybrid. It is recommended to take a 2-3 weeks break during which necessary is proper nourishment of nail plate with, e.g. calcium, proteins or oils (very good working has jojoba oil). Also recommended during the break treatments are Japanese manicure and paraffin hand mask.

MYTH 3. Hybrid manicure doesn’t have to be expensive

Original hybrid nail polish won’t weight down the plate, because it doesn’t need dusting of the nail plate. Removal of original hybrids also doesn’t cause problem because layer on the nail dissolves almost entirely during 3-5 minutes. Products, which only imitate hybrid, require much more work and damage nail plate after one use. So, hybrid manicure cannot be cheap, because then we will get products of lower quality, which won’t even resemble the true hybrid.

MYTH 4. Hybrid manicure can be removed at home

Removal of hybrid manicure is the moment when nails are the most liable to damages. Incompetent removal of hybrid manicure can very strongly upset nail structure and damage it. It is hard to remove hybrid on your own, and all the interfering methods like – filing, striping, crushing and peeling of nail polish – can highly damage nail plate. That is why the best is removal of hybrid manicure by professional.