Nowadays, we can’t imagine an effective moisturizer without hyaluronic acid. This is the most desired and essential cosmetic ingredient. Why?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that is found in our bodies. It occurs in all parts of the body (even in the vitreous humor of the sight organ) but the skin has the largest amount of HA. It’s an anti-aging cosmetic ingredient which also boasts some health benefits.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid maintains the optimal hydration in the skin and it’s actually one of its building blocks. Collagen and this miracle-working acid make up an essential duo for young skin. HA perfectly fills in the intercellular spaces and binds water molecules.

In cosmetology and medicine, it takes the form of clear, gel-like fluid. Hyaluronic acid is used for filling wrinkles, plumping the face, adding elasticity and revitalization. It works even for plumping and enhancing the lips, and is the most powerful hydrating agent in skin-care products. It forms a protective coating which locks water in.

Functions and uses of hyaluronic acid

Above all else, hyaluronic acid holds elastin and collagen inside the skin so the skin is plumper and more elastic. This acid builds the skin but also preserves its youthful appearance.

HA controls the levels of hydration in the skin. Plus, it keeps the tissues healthy for the properly-functioning joints. It aids the proliferation of new cells.

The reduced amount of hyaluronic acid in the body has awful consequences. The skin loses the protective shield so it takes longer to heal and suffers because of bruises.

HA helps keep our joints and eyes healthy, plus it lets us enjoy plump and young-looking skin for longer. It’s used in esthetic medicine as an alternative to antiaging plastic surgeries. It perfectly smoothes the face lines, reduces the scars and fixes imperfections.

With age the amount of HA drops in the human body so young tissues are the highest in this precious ingredient. The insufficient amount of hydration is the main cause of skin aging. Esthetic medicine uses hyaluronic acid produced through microbial fermentation. The process forms the HA which is identical to the acid in the human body. This is the most popular antiaging product because it’s very safe and effective. The complications are very rare. It doesn’t cause any allergic reactions or irritations because it’s naturally found in our skin. The effects appear immediately.

HA can be used both in the summer and winter, in the AM and PM. It is suitable for any skin, no matter if it’s dry, oily or dull.

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