Women usually keep their cosmetics close, in the places where they mostly make beauty treatments. Part of them we will find in the bathroom, and all the rest in the bedroom’s dressing table. We don’t usually think about the temperature that cosmetics should be kept in, but rather where we have free space. We need to remember that there are cosmetics which should be kept in… fridge!


Humidity and high temperature can work against the cosmetics’ properties. If you want to avoid limitation of expiry date and loosing their properties, you should keep some of the cosmetics in the fridge. Low temperatures are limiting oxygenation of the active ingredients in cosmetics, but also limit the risk of cosmetics go rancid. The additional benefit of this can be that swelling will go down because of application of the cold product on the face or body.

Which cosmetics should be kept in the fridge?

1. Face creams with active ingredients

All care products with such active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, peptides or acids, should be kept in low temperatures. Thanks to that they won’t loose their valuable properties. Particularly important is to keep in fridge organic creams, because they don’t contain preservatives.

2. Face masks

Not only home-made face masks should be kept in the fridge, but those bought as well. This method of storing face masks is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin, because cool face mask will be soothing for the skin irritations and will level redness.

3. Eye cream

Holding eye cream in low temperature is not only a way on a creation of cold compress, which is great for soothing irritations and leveling swelling. Low temperature boosts eye cream properties, especially those with high level of natural ingredients.

4. Nail polish

Keeping nail polish in the fridge is consider controversial. Some think that low temperature is accelerating nail polish thickening, so it’s harmful to the product. Others think, that cold extends cosmetics’ durability and makes the nail polish distribute easier on the nail plate.

5. Thermal water/mist

Storing face mists or thermal water in the fridge is the best method for summer refreshment. Cooled, wet spray will bring immediate relief and refreshment in the hot days.

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